Hmm, What’s This For?


I was certain it wasn’t for laundry. As I was staring at it an extremely nice neighbor came out of his house and politely asked me what I was doing? He solved the mystery. It is actually a fireplace that was added to the kitchen (I think). So it’s a chimney. Pretty cool, yeah? Would you dig a fireplace in your kitchen?

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  • I think the best place to hang out during a party is in the kitchen. Drinks are convenient and it is always good to be nearby when someone starts making pancakes. S’mores would be even sweeter.

  • I would be shocked that set-up was up to code.

  • maybe its just me, but does anyone else think its kind of scary to imagine that little pop out thing containing a fire?

  • I have a fireplace in my kitchen. It’s called a 20-year-old stove.

  • I wouldn’t mind a fireplace in my kitchen so long as it was either an old hearth or a wood-fired pizza oven.

  • that thing looks like a potential meth lab! doh!

  • I’m with Neener – sort of surprised someone hasn’t turned them in.

  • Those pop out fireplaces are all over the burbs, so it’s possible that it is to code. It’s also possible (likely) that it is a gas fireplace and that’s the direct vent… so not for a ‘real’ fire. I do’t suppose the neighbor said?

  • It doesn’t look shabby, in fact I find it rather pleasing in its modesty. Not everyone aspires to, nor can we all afford the gussied up finishes we have become accustomed to of late. Mostly they are a gimmick anyway. I’ll bet it’s a good energy saver too!

  • For those who are wondering, it is up to code and was installed by Acme Stove Co.
    It is one of the nicest rooms in the house; we love to cook and in the fall and winter the kitchen is particularly cozy with a fire roaring.

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