Hello 1-800-Got-Junk?

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Yeah, I got a job for you. Why don’t you start by picking up all the fracking junky signs you’ve placed all over my neighborhood. That’d be a good start.

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  • agreed and they are over priced. I think they just put those up when they are in the area and then take them when they live but it seems they are always around.

  • Very over priced. However, the guy started it is a dropout or something, or failed business school, then started the business and made zillions. Admirable…

  • I used them and they are priced fairly. The two guys that came out were the cleanest cut guys ever sent out by any company or utility. They were insured and trained. Worth the $$. As far as their signs, not a big fan, but politicans do it…and look how they don’t do anything for us. At least these guys give a good service.

  • The most honest and fair priced junk hauler is Mr. Ford. He helped us with our renovations and hauled literally tons of stuff for us – all at very good price – almost too cheap. I always tipped him well. He also helped us move into Petworth. I will get his number and send it to PoP so he can post it. If you see his truck around Petworth, take note and write down the number. His truck is white with a black truck bed and says peace on it or something to that effect. Anyway…just my two cents.

  • i think anyone with a truck can start a business in junk removal… the dc waste managemenet website has all these regulations about what you can and cant dump, but after many a trip to the trash center near catholic, im pretty sure anything goes… i saw more than a few small rental trucks back up and dump out what was clearly renovation materials (from big projects by the look of it), as well as ac units, paint cans/chemical containers… it didnt seem like anyone really cared what they were dumping, and the attendents didnt seem to care what was dumped… after seeing the free for all there, i am continuously annoyed with all the rules of the weekly trash pick up in the alley.

  • For the record – we only had our demolition junk picked up. We did not dump paint cans, floor sealer etc. We were responsible dumpers. I too have been to the site near Catholic – it really was a free for all.

  • anon @ 9:39- i’ll take a burly and scruffy junk hauler every day over a clean cut one.

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