Good Deal or Not? West of the Park Edition?


Often folks are saying that for prices in Logan Circle etc they’d rather purchase west of the park, so I figured it’s about time I test that theory. The flier for this home at 2635 Woodley Place in Woodley Park says:

“Lovely 5BR 4.5 Bath Wardman TH w/ crown molding, wainscoting, skylights, marble baths, HWD, FP, French Doors leading to Huge deck, MBR with private deck with park vistas, fully finished in-law suite on lower level. Off street parking through the alley. Property is in great shape but being sold as-is.”

More details and photos found here. So after looking at the photos do you think $1,200,000 is a good deal or not? Or would you rather get a huge rowhome in Columbia Heights or a luxury Condo in Logan Circle?

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  • So west of the Park, one lives in “townhomes” and east of the park we live in more pedestrian “rowhomes?”

  • man, if i were starting out in dc-and had the $$$$, id would so move west of the park… why pretend that dc is created equal?

  • If I had the money, I would buy that house you showed in Adams Morgan a couple of weeks back over this place…it’s several hundred thousand less and way more conveniently located. The “west of the park” cache means nothing to me.

  • I loooovved living in Woodley Park. What a beautiful, great area. What they are missing though: grocery store and better (non-touristy) restaurants.

  • West of the park = schools… that simple.

  • Not. The interior is so tired as to be half-dead of exhaustion. You’d need to spend mega bucks on paint and flooring alone.

    Nope, for my million dollars, I’d go for the Park Road (MtP) house you posted a few weeks ago. And I’d have plenty left over for private school.

  • Im a west of the park hater as much as the next guy. but. with a roof deck with rock creek park views. one block to the redline woodley park metro. walking distance to dupont circle, adams morgan, cleveland park, the zoo… Woodley Park is hardly a best kept secret. there is a reason people pay the premium. It may not be hip but lets not fool ourselves. best public schools. restaurants. safe. etc etc etc. but will prob go closer to a mil even. no neighborhood is safe from this slump.

  • I’d much prefer a huge place in Columbia Height to a luxury condo in Logan- Logan is still an “east of the park” neighborhood. Full of life, vibrant, a little rough around the edges.

    It’s the Cleveland Parks of the world, and all of their ivory pant-suit wearing old ladies who walk dogs alone at night, and public parks that are clean, maintained and have new play grounds that seem to be a totally different world.

    I wouldn’t buy that house listed above because nothing about it appeals to me personally. So I don’t really have an opinion on if it’s a good deal or not.

  • Can’t believe no one has mentioned this yet… what’s up with this house being sold “as-is”?

  • To Steve…we listed our house as a townhome and it is located in Petworth and it recently sold to some really great guys

  • this house is a much better deal (and a rowhouse without a front porch really is sort of missing the point)

  • petworthres. I kind of agree but first off that house will sell for more than 850 I am guessing. Also only has 1 car offstreet parking with a shallow backyard that fronts a busy and smelly commercial alley. Also isnt as centrally located to downtown and not walking distance to much outside its own commercial strip. But Cleveland Park is a great commercial strip, nobody can deny.

  • as someone who knows both the cleveland park house and the woodley park house id also point out that Woodley Place is a nicer quieter street than the block strech of maccomb street the other house sits on that has constant cars on it circling for parking and is accross from apartment buildings.

  • columbia_heights_dude = correct.

  • If that was at the very top of my price range but I knew I would be saving 30 grand + a year on private school because I could send my kids to Oyster Elementary I would consider it.

  • I own a house in Petworth now, but my renting days were spent in Woodley. It is the best neighborhood on the city for me. Easy walking distance to Dupont, Adams Morgan and Cleveland Park and Red Line for everywhere else.

  • I think what struck me is the house in Cleveland Park is listed for 400K less than this one, so is a good deal for the money. Plus it has nice old architectural details and just looks a lot more charming to me. But then again there’s no chance in hell for me to buy either one, so I wonder why I have an opinion 🙂

  • As to the Cleveland Park house, my experience with houses listed as “first time on the market in [xx] years” (as that one is) is that the house also hasn’t been updated in [xx] years and needs significant work done. That one looks OK, but I bet the pictures don’t show everything.

    I think this subject house of this post, like most of these GDON? houses, will sell for about 15% less than it’s original list price, so it’s probably not a good deal in that sense. This one is in a great location, has a rental unit, and a bitchin’ roof deck, but almost no yard. And let’s be honest here — if you had $1.2M to spend and primarily were worried about public schools, you’d buy about 3 red line stops up, on the other side of the District line, and put your kids in MoCo schools.

  • Woodley Place is a really cute street, I’d definitely live there if I had the bucks. But, lack of grocery store would suck. I used to rent in between Woodley and Cleveland Park. I love Columbia Heights, but Woodley Place is quite charming.

  • whats behind the west of the park hatred?

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