Good Deal or Not? Condo Edition


This has been a week of good deal or not previously featured on PoP. This particular condo at 2128 11th Street was featured in a judging buildings post. People seemed to like the building so when I saw a condo for sale I thought it’d be interesting to see if you thought it was a good deal. The flier says:

“MUST SEE, UNIQUE PROPERTY! Clean lines and open flow are emphasized in this bright unit with window walls in the Living and Dining rooms. Large Master Bath features 2 sinks, tub and shower. Bamboo floors, stainless appliances, granite and marble finishes. Large private balcony with a panoramic view. Parking included, two blocks to U Street metro.”

More photos and info found here.

So in this location, in this building, is a 2 bedroom, 2 bathroom for $635,000 a good deal or not?

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  • $600/square foot and $100k more than the purchase price 2 years ago??

    Not even close.

  • ikea bathroom fixtures? for this price they ought to have something custom.

  • Good God, you can get a decent-sized renovated rowhouse for less than that.

  • Delusional price.

  • Is it just me or is that hallway really narrow?

    Price is too high and you have condo fees of $285/month.

  • We looked at this property when it was on the market 2 years ago and thought it was overpriced then. The second “bedroom” isn’t even technically a bedroom becasue it does not have a closet and a window. Really overpriced now in my opinion.

  • Wow [email protected]:36… Even thought I thought this was really overpriced at $635k I had thought they would be able to at least be able to get what they paid for it in 2006 ($537,500), but now it sounds more like a $450k condo.

  • Our rowhouse on Capitol Hill, which we purchased in March, is both larger and cheaper.

  • I believe the foreclosure circumstances may be a handwriting on the wall, I hope we will add teeth to the affordable housing laws; i.e rent control, tax breaks and the like.

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