Good Deal or Not?


The flier for this home located at 1347 V Street, NW says:

“To be built and delivered by December. Soaring 13 foot ceilings on both levels, bay front windows, gleaming wide plank maple hardwood floors, stainless steel appliances, custom cabinets, recessed lighting, luxurious bathrooms, private deck and outdoor space, and secure parking. So close to all the new retail coming on 14th and V. Pictures are of model unit 1321 V Street.”

More info and photos from a similar unit found here.

I thought the house looked bigger than a two bedroom one and a half bath, yeah?  I guess the bedrooms will be pretty large.  I was curious about this house because it is a total gut renovation.  Obviously the location is great but do you think it’ll sell for the asking price of $725,000?

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  • is this the house that was red brick before, with cinder blocks in the windows? or did they tear that one down (i’m thinking it could be in the empty lot there to the left). i haven’t been by there in a while to check it out…

  • shoot, that was me above…don’t know why it came up anonymous…

  • I believe that house was gutted, IMGoph, the one you’re referring to, and a parking lot is going to be built there. This is the one next to it. I think. I walk by there once and a while, but not often enough to keep fully abreast of the situation.

  • They are renovating a bunch of houses on that block to look exactly the same on the inside. BOOOOOO. Why no individuality? And I think this one advertised is being built on that vacant lot in the picture; not a gutted building.

  • I can’t imagine they’re going to build and finish a house by December, Anonymous. I don’t think they’re advertising for the vacant lot – anyway I’m pretty sure I saw a sign saying it was being turned into a parking lot.

  • I am glad they are slowly removing the torn up trashed houses on that block.

  • I’ll be the first to say the price has no basis in reality. That is all.

  • Is that the block where PN Hoffman is doing all the renovations?

  • Just an old voice of experience here – once lived in a beautiful old hotel that had been renovated into apartments with 12′ ceilings: stunning to walk into, until one receives the heating bill (and this was years ago). Buyer beware~

  • This is the house that used to be next to it – seems like it is gone.

  • damn shame that poor house had to go.

  • Prince Of Petworth

    It’s the same house, just painted.

  • PoP: so the old half formstone covered place that tonysmallframe links to the picture of above is the same one you’ve pictured here? if so, my mood has changed….glad it was saved!

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