Good Deal or Not?


The flier for this home located at 733 Park Road, NW says:

“LOCATION IS EVERYTHING! Welcome to this 3BD, 1.5BR spacious & warm Federal style row house located on a friendly, quiet street. The kit & BA have been renov, while the rest of the house still maintains its beautiful, original condition. The house features a 1 car garage, h/d floors, 3 porches, original wood work and a sizable bsmt. Mins from Petworth Metro, Target, Giant, Best Buy and dining.”

More info and photos found here.

As they say in the business, this one looks like it has good bones. Does $410,000 seem reasonable?

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  • Am I the only one that wonders what that house actually looks like? Their realtor should have told them to take that metal awning down.

    Seems like a fair price based on size/style though those with a better sense of the location may have a better idea.

  • HA HA HA!!! “Friendly, quiet street.” There is NOTHING quiet about that block of Park Road… a stone’s throw from a fairly gritty part Georgia Avenue and there’s a police station across the street! That said… I would imagine there’s some security from that fact, but I personally wouldn’t want to live there.

    That said, proximity-wise, it’s a good location… is it a good deal? I dunno. I looked at this one a few doors down (bank owned) not long ago. It was listed for 355 and was in good shape, I thought that was a pretty good deal. It’s also 4BR. So this seems a little high, but same ballpark.

  • The lack of bathroom and yard photos would make me a little suspicious. Maybe it was a mistake to take a photo with the DCPD clearly evident out the window? Also, it is excessively transparent to include photos of Temperance and and DCUSA. “You may think this neighborhood is shitty, but its not – really its not! Just look at the nice things that are in this neighborhood.”

    All that being said, if it is livable and you could take your time spiffing it up, could be a solid deal.

  • I kinda like the metal awning, probably makes a cool sound when it rains.

  • The woodwork in that house makes me drool, though not enough to make me want to live on that sketchy block.

  • saf

    Taking the awnings down would be a huge mistake. Ugly they are, but man do they contribute to making the house so much more livable.

  • This house has a lot of potential – beautiful original unpainted woodwork and fireplace. It looks like it’s very well kept as well, though it’s not really up to date with current tastes. It’s a little overpriced given the location (one day will be great with close proximity to metro, but really yet). Though the kitchen has been redone, it doesn’t look like a new renovation, so I think most buyers would see both the kitchen and bathroom as needing remodeling. I doubt it has central air, either. And for sure, the awnings should be taken down.

    Still, I’d be very tempted. I think it will sell quickly, though probably not for the full asking price.

  • Wow… I didn’t look at the pictures before. It looks awesome inside. Definitely a good deal compared to the one I saw. I was figuring it to be a typical beater.

    Hilarious that they put a picture of the CoHi metro when this house is about 2 1/2 blocks away from the Petworth metro. Unfortunately, between that house and Petworth metro is “The House” and lots of general shadiness.

    Anyway, that general area is a bit unpleasant. But if you can handle the… er… colorful activity around there, I think it’s a good deal and no question your investment would be a good one a few years down the road. No question it’s going to get better and you’d be hard pressed to find such a gorgeously maintained house in CoHi for that price.

  • Once Park Morton is redeveloped, which they have already started moving people out, that street will be a gold mine.

  • Quiet street? that is laughably wrong. as has been said, lots of activity on this street…will take a special buyer to want to put up with it. but 400k is a small amount for that much square feet so close to the metro- it will be a deal for someone.

  • I have friends on that block in a house that must be the twin of this one. With some updating their house is stunning with all that original woodwork. Having said that I did feel a little uncomfortable leaving their house (on foot) New years Eve.

  • it’s easy to walk along NH Ave to the Petworth metro, and avoid the drama of GA Ave. I think pix of temperence hall are very relevant; it’s just a block or two up from this house!

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