Good Deal or Not?


The flier for this home at 4120 13th Street, NW says:

“Northern Columbia Heights Gem! Porchfront Home, renovated w/ lots of original detail. 3 bedrooms up, one with sitting room, 2.5 ba, Living Room, Dining Room, Designer Kitchen, Granite Counters, Maple Cabinets, Powder Room, Back Porch, OSP, CAC, Finished Basement, Lots of Light, windows and more. Come see this great Home in Great Neighborhood!”

More info and photos found here.

I’m not sure if I’d consider this Columbia Heights but the renovation does seem nice.

It was originally priced at $550,000 but is now listed at $539,000. So does this seem like a reasonable price or not? If not, what price do you think would be reasonable?

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  • I think that’s an OK deal. The kitchen could have been laid out more efficiently. But I’m familiar with that floorplan and want to know where that powder room is and what happened to the original bathroom on the second floor, because the one that’s there looks like it’s in the little bonus room that those houses have.

  • seems high to me for a 3bed 2.5 bath , it is definitly not in Columbia Heights

  • Yeah, it’s a little over 4 blocks north of Spring St, which I believe is considered to be the northern border for Columbia Heights. Still, it’s not that far of a walk to all the stuff in Columbia Heights. I live relatively close to this place.

  • Not a good deal. A lot smaller, further from the metro, and has a smaller yard than this house: (which sold for less than this house is listed for)

    of course, i’m a little biased.

  • I wish people would do away with all those stupid sunrooms on houses in these neighborhoods. Why spend the money to do a bump out if you aren’t actually adding anything useful?

  • Stubs: They aren’t bump-outs, they were partially enclosed porches (Sleeping porches was the term, I think) that were part of the original construction. How and when they all got junk siding and cheap windows is my question. Also, tearing that sucker off my house and building a proper bump-out/4th bedroom/1st floor half bath/nice “sunroom” is near the top of my list though…

  • Again a string of invidious comparisons as responses. Considering the ridiculous prices people pay for landless condos and the fees, oy the fees, I think this is a pretty good deal. What difference does it make if it’s North Columbia Heights, Petworth, upper 14th or 16th, south bumf%#*k or just plain old Northwest, DC? Let go of the labels people! The owner of this nice house will save a fortune in gas money if they live there long enough. It’s in the city. It’s a 15-20 minute walk to the Metro, not so bad. And they have done a nice job (from the pictures) of making it livable. MJBrox have you seen the price of a 1 bedroom lately? and RD bigger is not necessarily better with utility prices the way they are. I think people who respond should be required to include pictures of their perfect perches so we can assess for real the source of the bitterness.

  • nice enough, compaired to condos you are right this is a good deal, but compaired to other homes…..I do not know.

    Anyway, I hope they get it since my place was renovated to a 4br 3.5 bath Near grant circle.

    If they get that then I am not worried about house prices

  • Your house will always be worth a lot if you like living in it. Don’t worry about the price.

  • Besides once all of the Obamites come to town and move into Petworth, values will soar!

  • I’ve driven by this house a lot, as west on Upshur is my way out of the city. The only problem I see is it’s on busy 13th Street. Plus, the renovation looks stand low end Home Depot to me, not that chez nous is any palace. Still think it should be a little lower.

  • nice enough, i dont get it. Isn’t the whole point of “good deal or not” to compare the house to other houses in the neighborhood in order to determine if it is a good deal? yes, someone may want a smaller house because that is all they need, but what does that have to do with the fact that a smaller house should cost less than a bigger house?

    it’s obviously a nice house, an acceptable walk to the metro, but you seem to be quick to dismiss the fact that it may be a bad deal. you the owner or something?

  • This house has 4 walls, 5 br/3.5ba and is cheaper:
    This house is on top of the metro, 5 bed, 4 bath, and has a bigger, nicer kitchen, and it won’t sell at a listing price that is a lot less:
    This house has amazing original features, same neighborhood, and almost $200k less:

    The original house has a lot of great features but is a bad deal.

  • I think if you can get them to knock off $25-50,000 it will be a good deal. It’s a pretty nice house from the pictures, a 2 car driveway, and not that far away from the “hot” spots. A good newly wed home!

  • I own a home of this exact cookie cutter at 11th and Irving, and I think that powder room is under the stairs on the main floor. I had never thought of that! The full bathroom is definitely where ours is on the top floor in the standard spot (not in the bonus room), and that window you see in the bathroom looks into the master bedroom (in the finished porch area) which would be completely weird.

    Our porches were closed in but much more professionally. Unless you know the history of these homes you’d never know. It just looks much more seamless and like a true bump-out than this one does–the paneling and windowed bathroom are the giveaways. Everyone asks us if we have thought about knocking out the wall that separates the kitchen from the dining room, and I’m glad to learn from these photos that I would hate it. I actually love our original “bowling alley” lay out where you can see straight from front to back, I think it lets in so much more light…is that just me?

    To answer the question though, we paid $515 for the exact same home, with a much nicer back patio, way closer to the metro and ‘hot’ area, a year ago. So I think this is definitely not a good deal. This kitchen is nicer than ours for sure, and the powder room is a great asset, but I think the trade-offs of better finished porches + location more than outweigh that.

  • I think it would be a great deal for $450K-480K. Yes it’s renovated and has central air, but I think it’s smaller than the average Petworth rowhouse and on a busy street. The renovated kitchen is nice, but a cookie-cutter job you can find in any condo renovation. For a house in this area to get over $500K in this market, it would have to have some super nice features – a fireplace, a great yard, a high-end kitchen, great original features (pocket doors, or inlaid floors…something unusual). I think this is a good house, but the price is over-reaching.

  • @ RD — that one, 1333 Shepherd, is an outstanding good deal for $349K w/full basement and garage! (Last one of your counterexamples)

  • As for the Neighborhood, it’s more appropriately called North Columbia Heights. Check out maps of when the neighborhood was laid out. Everything North of Spring Road to Arkansas is labeled as North Columbia Heights. Maps from that period would be early 20th century when Columbia Heights itself was a posh suburb and so attaching to that name made quite a bit of marketing sense. Also, you’ll notice at that time the area where the beginning of Piney Branch park and creek is to RCP was to undergrounded. All those streets from like Randolph northward were to connect to 16th street, instead of just stopping at the park.

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