Good Deal or Not?


The flier for this home located at 4305 4th Street, NW says:

“Opportunity in this Solid Brick Townhouse with 3 Bedrooms, 1.5 Baths in up and coming Petworth. Convenient to Petworth Metro, and Georgia Avenue Busline. This home is in Good Condition and is priced to sell.”

More details found here.

Wow, I think I may have found a good deal. This home is priced at $319,000. Does this make it a good deal?

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  • Why wouldnt they include any pics of the inside? It’s only 1200 sq ft, and a bit of the walk to the metro, but if it is livable, $319k is definitely a good deal.

  • a piece of me likes these old metal awnings. But if I was selling this house. I would spend the 30 minutes on a ladder taking them down.

  • RD, it is at least 1600 square feet; each floor of these houses is about 800-850 SF. And that doesn’t count the “partially finished” basement. It’s a very good deal assuming it’s not falling apart. I bought a renovated row house in 2004 (two years before peak of market) for $400K and have spent four years replacing the contractor’s generic low-end renovation with nicer stuff (relatively modest but much more tasteful).

  • RD,
    The metro is in the 3700 block. This house is in the 4300 block. This can’t be more than 10-15 minute walk to the metro. If this is considered a long way to the metro, no wonder people are so fat these days!

  • I mapped this property and it is .65 miles to Metro, or about 10-15 min considering traffic. Looks like a pretty good deal, especially with the off-street parking. Of course you really need to get inside to look for things like water damage and the condition of the floors.

    Also remember this only has window unit A/C.

    Looks like it might have a functional attic, which to me is a huge plus.

    I was actually looking for a rowhouse almost exactly like this in D.C. but I think I’ve decided to buy in one of the safer suburbs.

  • I don’t know how you can say it is “at least 1600 sq ft.” The tax records say 1200 sq ft. We know how these houses have varying degrees of “finished” to the back porches. If i was a betting man, I would say that if the porch was finished nicely and the house actually was 1600 sq ft above grade, it would be listed for more than $319k.

  • Looks like a good deal to me. Window units are fine for these houses, you don’t need central AC.

  • I walked by this house yesterday with my dog and definitely thought it looked like a good deal. The front door was open and there were some guys in there doing some work (looked like maybe some minor painting), but it sure looked nice enough from the glance I got – especially for that price! I live about 5 blocks from there (closer to fort totten metro) and paid 300,000 for a smaller house, probably in similar condition, about 6 months ago.

  • I just walked by it this morning. Unfortunately, the pamphlet out front didn’t have any pictures, which kind of makes you wonder. Also, it looked like most of the houses on the block had enclosed the porches.

    There are several houses in the area in the 300+ range but this is definitely the low end of the range. My guess is that it is a decent deal barring any major issues.

  • saf

    Anon, the awnings are ugly, but really functional.

    Seriously, when we bought our house it had those awnings, and I swore I would take them right down. I was talked into leaving them up for a trial year, and now I love them. When they fail, I will replace them. They make the house so much more usable that it’s jsut astounding.

  • Can the awnings be painted? I don’t hate them as a concept but I usually hate stripes or the color of the stripes. I don’t think they would be so offensive if they were one solid color.

  • I think it’s a good deal for 3 BR with nice outdoor space!

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