Good Deal or Not?


The flier for this home at 1640 Florida Ave, NW says:

“NEW PRICE Stylish 1909 brick row offers 2 Large BRs + 3rd BR/Office, Renovated Full BA, Delightful open LR/DR combo w/ soaring ceilings, exposed brick walls, and charming gas log stove, Modern Powder Rm, Updated TSKit w/ granite counters, Huge Deck, perfect for entertaining PLUS Off Street Parking Conveniently located in Dupont, Near U St & Adam’s Morgan Street Beaut Move-in Cond”

More info and photos found here.

It seems real nice but a bit small. The property was originally listed for $649,000 but has dropped to $625,000. So does the new price make it a good deal or not?

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  • I’m going to say it’s on point. 3br/1.5 bath, and it’s a bit small, but that deck and location are great. I want it.

  • I want it, too. Great painted floors upstairs!

  • Small living room and lacks a second full bath (and I haven’t been in the house, so can’t speak first hand), but I think this one (after the drop) is priced pretty well. Its got some good character, and the location is good. I think this blog has finally found a good deal (not a steal, but a fair price).

  • So, does this place have a backyard? And will waffle shop be built next door? If yes to both than count me as one of those that thinks its a good deal. Finally, a house with an interior paint job that doesn’t make me want to stab my eyes out.

  • definitely a good deal. would love to live in that location.

  • A house that nice, in that beautiful remodeled condition for that price is just a testament that the real estate market is in the toilet. It sure would have gone for much more a year or two ago.

  • “just a testament that the real estate market is in the toilet.”

    In the toilet is one way of looking at it … I consider it a return to sanity.

  • An old coworker owns the house just a few down from this one. They are adorable little houses, but she had turned their very small third bedroom into a closet since there was no closet space in the other rooms. The main drawback to these, I think, is that the ceilings struck me as kind of low. And I’m only 5’4″.

    But I’d totally buy it – its a great area.

  • Yes, the dropping prices are more realistic, more sane, I’ll give you that. But I know personally that very few are buying or selling these days. The real estate agents I know are amking ends meet by working in other fields hopefully until this crisis is over.

  • I used to live in that house and I miss the amazing location.
    The kitchen is a really great size and the deck is amazing. The ceilings are not as low as someone suggested.
    Downside:The full bathroom is tiny!

  • I don’t know, I think in today’s market this should be $550,000 tops. I think to ask for over $600,000 you have to be on top of the Metro.

  • I used to rent two doors down from this house back in the 90s. they are very small houses. Location is nice, close enough to the bars and restaurants without being too close if you know what I mean. and the deck and the parking definitely make it tempting but I’m not sure I would bite at $625k. you can get a bit more space in the general area for that kind of money. not a bad deal, but not great either

  • that’s one tiny house. i think it’s still overpriced in this market, regardless of the decent location. and that kitchen layout is a nightmare–did they consult anyone who has ever actually cooked before they went with that????

  • I visited the house a few weekends ago, and I’d like to mention that the “deck” is built directly over the parking area and the parking area is only about as tall as your car. Only a midget could park their car and stand up straight; you’d have to crouch bent over from the parking space up the stairs into the kitchen entrance. The house is about 14-15 feet wide, so it doesn’t really feel small; someone moved walls around to shift the staircase and put in the angular full bathroom, but it’s unusual that they kept the original heart pine flooring upstairs — nice touch! The sunlight coming in the rear windows is just blinding — not everyone has that nice south-facing view (and deck facing south)

  • Wow, nice paint job and decor! I don’t know if it is a good deal or not but based upon the turmoil in the economy I would be reluctant to purchase any real estate right now.

    sorry to be Herbie Downer here…

  • Herbie Downer, you silly thing. A down economy IS in fact the time to buy real estate. Four years ago people were engaging in price wars to buy houses that were waaay overpriced. But remember “buy low, sell high?” Real estate is all psychology – people tend to do the opposite of the sensible thing – they panic and sell, whether stocks or real estate, at low points in the economy when they should be buying.

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