Good Deal or Not?


I thought this would be a cool house to look at as it is located on one DC’s “hidden streets”. In this case Caroline is located between T and U off 15th Street. The flier for this home at 1507 Caroline Street, NW says:

“True Charmer! Semi-detached rowhouse on MUCH sought after CAROLINE ST! Off-street pkng in fully-fenced yard. High ceilings, beautiful wood floors & stairway, wood burning fpl, eat-in kit, original transom details.”

More photos and details can be found here.

Pretty sweet but is it sweet enough for the asking price of $789,000? I thought it was interesting that there was only one bathroom…

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  • “Beware escape cats” sounds pretty scary. I wonder if they included that feature in their pricing?

  • I think it’s too much considering there is only 1 bath and that the kitchen appliance look pretty old…ok, the whole kitchen looks pretty old. But there is parking and the house is in good shape..that is a great quiet block too.

  • Love it, wish I could buy that one. Amazing long-term investment.

  • About the block, is there any concern about being an alley way from the back of U street restaurants / bars / shops? I’m thinking things like rats, or trash service. A friend of mine lived in the condos that are basically above Chi-Cha, and every weekend night was horrible as they dumped an s-load of beer bottles into the trash bin in the alley after closing.

  • I’ll swap my 401K for it…

  • Seems a bit pricey but location and parking are likely factors.

    Kitchen needs work – Whats with the cabinet trim the cuts across the top pane of the window?

  • I looked at this house in 1995 and the kitchen is exactly the same as it was then! The price at that time was around $300,000. It is like a miniature house – inside is tiny. Totally not worth the price.

  • I am no fan of the tiny house, and it definitely seems small for the asking price. But its location is pretty good (and isn’t that the cardinal rule of real estate?), and there is parking with at least the notion of a yard. Long-term investment-wise, I think you’d be OK with this one at what it likely will sell for (I assume everything sells at least 10% below original list price these days). The kitchen re-do wouldn’t be a backbreaker — $15k could go a long, long way in there. Still, if it were me, I’d find a better way to spend my 700k.

    Tangential observation: this house is appraised at 620k and is looking to sell at 789k. Doesn’t that fly in the face of DC tax law, which is supposed to assess a property at market value? I’ve unsuccessfully challenged my tax bill based on what the city thinks is the fair market value of my home and what I believe I actually could get for it/actually did pay for it (significantly less). The caprice of DC city government strikes again!

  • Not to be picky, but don’t they mean escaped cats? Anyway, 1 bathroom is pretty typical in Petworth houses. We’ve lived here for a while and only have one bathroom though there is a toilet in the basement. All our neighbors, except those who have done total remodeling, have one bathroom, too.

  • 1 Bathroom = Good exercise

  • Living on Caroline Street would be sweet, but this house appears to be rather sad and ordinary (ony 1 ba, and an antiquated kitchen–WTF?). NOT a good deal, IMHO.

  • The yard looks pretty cute till you realize that your car would cover most of that nice brick – it’s the parking space.

  • saf

    Toby – I doubt they mean “Escaped cats.” I think it’s a warning to those who are seeing/showing it, as in, “Don’t let the cats escape!”

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