For The Ladies


Muleh, located at 1831 14th Street, NW will be hosting a trunk show on October 23rd 5-8 pm for Vivienne Westwood, “as seen on Sex in the City”. If you’d like to attend send an email to [email protected]


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  • Further clarification: They’re going to have the crazy haute-couture bridal gown Carrie wore at her would-be wedding to Big in the movie. I might go just to see how much square-footage the thing takes up….

  • vivienne westwood…. one of the true originators of the punk fashion aesthetic? at Muleh????? that doesnt make sense…

  • Damn Katie, why’d you have to ruin the movie plot for me!

  • Im 99% sure Vivienne will not be in attendance. A trunk show is basically a few items displayed from the collection. Sometimes for purchase…

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