Fall Garden in Full Effect

DSCN3770, originally uploaded by Prince of Petworth.

Sweet, a bonus garden of the day. Do people get/put all new plants in just for Fall? This one’s looking good, yeah?

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  • Yeah – summer flowering annuals usually go down with the first frost. You replace them with something that will not make your garden look like the plains of North Dakota for the winter.

  • On this note, I’m hoping to do some planting this winter and I’ve been told there are a few crops such as broccoli, carrots, garlic, kale etc that make pretty hearty winter veggies… does anyone know if I’m too late to plant as we are fast approaching the first frost?

  • it may be too late for broccoli seeds but if you can find broccoli plants from a garden center they will do well up to a hard freeze. (I have had no luck finding any this year but in the past I’ve had broccoli past Thanksgiving).

    Don’t know about garlic or carrots but I just planted some swiss chard last weekend. it is about a month past due for planting but if we have a warm Fall/early winter it should be OK.

    Lettuce sometimes does well in the fall also.

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