Door of the Day/Dear PoP


This door is from the Dutch Embassy (Residence). I guess that’d make the flowers tulips, yeah?

A reader writes:

“I’m a longtime reader who loves your blog. Since you are such a big door afficionado, I was wondering if you (or any of your readers) has a recommendation for someone who sells and/or installs doors.”

Sadly, I just covet other people’s doors. I have a rather sad one myself. Anyone have some recommendations where you can purchase some cool doors?

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  • I would avoid home depot at all costs. We lost months last year using their contractors. Here are a few options for you.

    You can order a wide number of windows and doors up the street at Galliher and Huguely. We ordered 2 storm doors from them. They work with contractors and home owners and get stuff in really quick and have great customer service. Only downside is you’ll have to use your own contractor or handi-person to measure and install.

    Another good bet is buying an old door and having it refinished. Check out the Brass Knob down in shaw. We just used the Stripping Workshop in NE to strip and refinish a interior door and it looks amazing.

  • For a salvaged door, you could also try Community Forklift near Hyattsville I went there on Saturday and they have heaps of doors of different vintages/sizes/conditions.

    The link for the Brass Knob Back Door Warehouse is here

  • Definitely visit the Brass Knob Warehouse. I found a couple of great interior doors there. 1 was an odd size, and then I also found a great pair of bifold doors — cheaper and better made than the Home Depot sells.

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