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“Was wondering if you could please check around to see what Halloween parties/activities are going on locally next week. Anything going on at the local bars? Any parties your readers could crash? I have a pretty hot costume this year and I would like to get my money’s worth! Thanks!”

Ok, let’s see – Wonderland is having a Gothic Halloween Party this Saturday.

Looking Glass Lounge is having a DJ next Friday, Halloween proper.

Washingtonian has a traditional wrap up of events around town.

I know there are a ton of house parties but I’m not sure they want me to invite all of PoPville…

So I guess the FQOTD is – what are you doing for Halloween? Know of any good parties? Anyone going to a particular bar? What was the best Halloween you had in DC and where? What are you dressing up as? If you do dress up don’t forget to take a photo for the PoP Halloween costume contest…

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  • Please provide more details: “I have a pretty hot costume this year”

  • i agree with herb, we need some pictures of you in costume in order to answer your questions.

  • I’ll be at a wedding 😮

    From the banquet hall website: “After Dinner, the Riviera (Brooklyn NY) turns into a true Club atmosphere, featuring our new Laser Light Extravaganza. The elaborate laser lighting units lower out of the ceiling for high visibility during this pulsating dance set and then disappears after use. Enjoy exciting video of you and your guests dancing
    during the Laser Light Extravaganza!”

    It makes me think I really need a costume.

  • mt pleasant lamont street party..if you live in d.c. experience it one time. its amazing and fun. some wonderful homemade costumes.

  • I’m looking for any Rocky Horror shows. anyone know anywhere that puts on a good participation performance (doesn’t have to be on Hallownight). I saw the City Paper had an add for one in Greenbelt, but I’m hoping for something closer. This GWU production ( looks promising, but I can’t find a date/time to save my life. Creatures of the Night? help?

  • SM,
    we’ll be at a wedding too — Gothic chapel in cemetary Friday night for rehearsal dinner — in costumes. A little spooky traditionalism.

    SM, you are going to experience “bridge and tunnel” like never before.

  • bogfrog…it will be a gold chain & diamond extravaganza, and that’s only the men! So awesome, I cannot wait….but it does make the idea of wearing a costume kind of a moot point. Everyone will be in costume whether they realize it or not 😉

  • Anonymous: Thanks for the tip. I was the person who emailed PoP with this question. Sounds fun!

  • Coldplay!

  • well, if my costume works, i will almost be required by law to send a picture of it in to this here website…

  • Does anyone know when the Lamont street Halloween party is?

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