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“What up with the Wine bar/community center on 11th street? Thought it was supposed to by open the end of this month. Drove past it the other night and the it looks kinda derelict.”

Last I heard they were finalizing the permitting process. I don’t think they were ever supposed to open at the end of the month. I think a more realistic opening will be in December/January. At Columbia Heights Day I did pick up a card that says:

“Room 11 Wine and Dessert Bar featuring wine by the glass and bottle; beer and hand crafted cocktails; specialty coffee and tea; pastries b PAISLEY FIG; cheeses and cured meats; soups, salads, sandwiches; and small plates. For more information email [email protected]

It sounds like it is going to be well worth the wait!

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  • There is a hilarious “anti-bars-on-11th-st” thread on this on forum on this.. lol.. if youare dead bored and want to get even more bored – recommended reading of about 50 pages of ranting and raving on how evil this place is.

  • while i’ll almost certainly go to this place at least once, I’d like to register my annoyance at anywhere promoting “hand crafted cocktails”. it’s needless advert fancy talk, but it also indicates that they want to charge $8 for a $5 drink. i’m all about local places, but that means they shouldn’t act like starbucks.

  • Oregonian – You can probably still order your $5 Vodka Tonics at this place. I can assume the hand crafted cocktails are only PART of the menu. I know one of the bartenders is part of the DC Craft Bartenders Guild and the “hand crafted cocktails” are probably similar to Tuesday nights at Bar Pillar….

  • Oregonian-

    This might help explain why hand crafted cocktails are $8 (or more)… its the prep & ingredients

  • End of October was the original plan, from what I understand, but when you bring DCRA and building permits into the process, all bets are off. Not at all surprised things are delayed. Once they have permits, I can’t imagine it will take that long to build – the space isnt that big.

    I’m psyched for it. Great local place for a drink and a small bite. Plus the outside patio will be amazing when it’s warm again.

  • I’m still gonna miss the 11th street deli and their delicious breakfast sandwiches 🙁

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