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Dear PoP, Hope you are well. I really love your blog! Its so nice to see the old neighborhood alive and well! My grandparents bought the row house @ 3912 8th Street in August 1929, just before the stock market crashed in October. They later bought 3914 8th Street as well and my folks lived there. The old building a few doors down used to be a Synagogue up unto the 60’s and then became, I believe a Baptist Church. My grandmother moved up to MoCo in the 70’s and sold the row houses some time later. Would love to see a photo of the old place if you happen by. How is 8th Street holding up???

You’ll be happy to know 8th Street looks great! Thanks for providing some history. Photo of block and old Synagogue after the jump.



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  • What is MoCo? Or I guess where?

  • saf

    MoCo= Montgomery County.

    (See, this is why I get annoyed when people insist on newyorkifying our neighborhood names – sounds silly to me, plus not everyone knows what it means.)

  • This former synagogue is not a Baptist church. It has been a Seventh Day Adventist church for years, which is ironic, as they count Saturday as the Sabbath, just like in Judaism. I think the synagogue was Beth Sholom. My parents lived in Leisure World and had some neighbors who used to attend that synagogue, back in the day. It’s actually on Shepherd Street.

  • I stroll up and down 8th Street every day on the way to and from the Metro and I have to add that the block has some of the nicest families and residents old and new. I have learned the names of children, grandmothers, brothers, sisters and couples of every variety known to humanity, there are multi-racial couples, adopted children, grandmothers raising youngsters, gay and lesbian residents and one of the kindest families I have ever met who all came down to meet me when I showed up, 3 generations living together in that case. I find the walk most invigorating on many levels. I am a recent newcomer to the area (2003), 8th Street is going strong!

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