Classic City Building

DSCN3189, originally uploaded by Prince of Petworth.

This is of course the PNC bank located at Wisconsin and M. I wonder if they’ll need to chip the gold off this property to avoid going into foreclosure…

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  • It’s funny for me to hear it refered to as the PNC Bank, when it had been the Riggs Bank for years at that intersection. Yes, I know it hasn’t been Riggs for a long time but still…

  • toby: me too! i lived a block from there, and used to bank there when it was a riggs bank. the inside is even cooler than the outside, fwiw.

  • saf

    It’s Riggs. So’s the one at 14th and Park. And while I’m at it, the bank at 15th and Pennsylvania is American Security.

    OK, I also still go to People’s Drug. I think my brain is stuck.

  • And I go to Fresh Fields – not Whole Foods!

  • saf

    Yeah, Fresh Fields too. (Although I actually prefer Yes or the Takoma Co-op.)

  • haha! yeah, it’s fresh fields for me too. AND i still remember when FF had shoppers cards!

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