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That could be converted into a pretty sick house, yeah? It’s located at 3100 13th Street, NW on the corner of 13th and Irving. Sadly, I couldn’t find how much it was going for. If anyone finds it can you post the price in the comments section?

And it can be yours for $2.5 million. For some reason that doesn’t sound outrageous to me…

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  • Alice doesn’t live in the restaurant, she lives in the church nearby the restaurant, in the bell tower, with her husband Ray and Facha the dog. And livin’ in the bell tower like that, they got a lot of room downstairs where the pews used to being. Havin’ all that room,
    seein’ as how they took out all the pews, they decided that they didn’t have to take out their garbage for a long time.

  • I have seen it done before…Any WI folks out there, remember “the church” 304 N. Hamilton in Madison?

  • The sale also includes the red rowhouse next to the church on Irving–

  • Its approriately listed as “Commercial” property.

  • Finally, I’ll be able to run into someone’s house and shout PEW! — something I’ve dreamed of doing for decades.

  • There is big money to be made in running a church if you do it right. People will just give you money…

  • saf

    One night in Donegal… or perhaps it was Galway? No, it was Donegal.

    Anyhow, we went to hear a band. They were a good band, and we ending up hanging out all evening and having drinks with the band, and it was cool. But it was the weirdest space. It had been a church, once upon a time, that had been de-commissioned (Yeah, I know that’s the wrong word, but I don’t know what Catholics call un-blessing a place. Anyhow.) So most of the pews had been taken out, and the altar area had been turned into the stage, and the drummer was on the high altar and the bassist was up on pulpit, and.. I swear, it really was so. That was a fun night.

    There also used to be a place in Atlanta called “The Abbey” that was in an old church. Fabulous place with an astounding wine cellar. Long gone now though.

  • Is salvation included? If so, 2.5 mil is a bargain!

  • saf: deconsecration is the word you’re after.

  • saf

    Thank you YDKM. That is exactly the word.

  • I like it when people abbreviate my handle. Makes me feel like KMFDM.

  • Indeed, on11th, that church would make a wicked neighborhood bar….

    Could be a lot like what the McMenamin’s do with cool old buildings in Oregon:

  • Man, takes me back to my youth in NYC. There used to be a club on 6th Avenue downtown called Limelight. It was built in an old church. It ran the gamut from dance to punk to metal to goth to rave – as each style came in and went out of fashion. But it was a great space. Wonder what the ANC police would say if you tried to turn this place into a club.

  • Also, a wonderful venue in Amsterdam, the Paradiso, is an old church. Stained glass windows above the stage, and balconies & I think I recall bars in the choir loft.

  • Maybe we could recreate the Farm, lure Michael Chiklis in from LA, and get those BizLats out of CH once and for all.

  • there is a church on capital hill that was turned into apts or condos. i dont remember where exactly…close to eastern market maybe.

  • Anon 11:05, that’s on South Carolina at 10th, I think. Maybe 9th. And maybe D. Been a while since I lived down there. Anywho, that’s a different architectural style that lends itself quite a bit better to conversion. I think it turned out quite well. I’d live there.

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