Check Out This Exhibit At National Geographic


It is awesome. The photographs are incredible from all over the world. I never realized how awesome the National Geographic Society was (located at 1600 M Street, NW). By the by the K’Naan concert last Friday was phenomenal. You can find out more about lectures, concerts and films being shown here.

There’s also some cool photos outside:



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  • When you’re looking at that photo exhibit (top photo), be sure to look up and gaze at the constellations on the ceiling—designed to look the same as the sky did the night the Society was founded in 1888. Because, you know, National Geographic can do that sort of thing.

  • Glad you’ve discovered just how cool NGS is PoP….they have some amazing exhibits (the dart frogs were there earlier this year) and some of the best lectures I’ve ever been to….way cool.

  • NatGeo building rules. I used to temp down in that area many years ago, and couldn’t afford lunch. So, for lunch hours I’d just wander there and see all the nifty stuff.

  • i LOVE this place… such a cool way to spend an afternoon

  • The cafeteria at NatGeo is also considered one of the best in town (not to mention the greenest: organic offerings, biodegradable straws and to-go containers, plus enforced composting). Of course, you have to be invited in by an employee, but they’re friendly people.

  • If you are a member of the NG Society, i.e. you have a subscription, you can take the membership card you get annually and also get into the cafeteria along with the NG employees. Not only is the food good and the service green, it is really affordable.

  • another very cool about thing about NGS is that there a bunch of staffers who live in Petworth…and the cheesesteaks are good too.

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