Bourbon Rocking An Incredible Chalk Drawing

DSCN3794, originally uploaded by Prince of Petworth.

This is mad skill.

Lot’s of my friends are huge fans of Bourbon on 18th Street in Adams Morgan. The place has definitely been growing on me. But with this chalk masterpiece it has skyrocketed to top 10.


Any Bourbon fans out there?

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  • I love Bourbon- it’s a really cool setup with amazing beers and of course bourbon… but cue those who say “only douchebags hangout there.” Can’t we all just get along?

  • I’ve only stopped in a couple of times, and although its always been increadibly busy the staff has always taken the time to sit around and nerd out around a good bottle of bourbon to discuss the finer points of that beautiful brown beverage of the gods.

  • i’m a big fan of bourbon for the beers. food is good too, but i dock it points for having no food specials…otherwise i’d be there much more often

  • SG- you only said that because you yourself acknowledge the over abundance of Grade A Douchery that populates Bourbon at times. The good news is we are residents of this lovely city so we can head over on a wednesday night and enjoy the less douchy atmosphere and the knowledgable bartenders. Just avoid the place like the plague when the bridge and tunnel come creeping on friday and saturday. I once watched a table of Douch there take hundreds of pictures of each other drinking and eating for over an hour. I can only assume these pictures were to post on facebook with the caption “Hangin at Bourbon in Adams Morgan”

  • i lived in glover park when i first moved to dc, and the bourbon there was its saving grace. the adams morgan location is very similar (i think they share some staff) — questionable clientele, but laidback bartenders with great taste in music and bourbon.

  • saf

    The whiskey list is nice, the back deck is nice, but the inside is scary loud.

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