A Nice Build Out and Up


I think this house expansion was done perfectly. You can hardly tell from the front. It seems like it has added a ton of extra room without looking ridiculous. I know folks don’t like vinyl but what do you think of this expansion?


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  • Yep, one of the better ones for sure. But then again I am not fanatically against pop ups.. 😉

  • ew it has siding on it.

  • I think it’s nicely done, and the brick would have been prohibitively expensive.

  • More disturbing about this house is that it has a side to the alley and no windows to let all that light in and to get breezes flowing through.

  • they could have at least purchased or painted some siding that would blend in better with the brick than plain ‘ol white siding. maybe it was a cost thing, but it is definitely not an aesthetic thing. either way, it’s one of the better pop ups around our village.

  • if it was a middle rowhouse noone would have even noticed siding. why wouldnt you at least put side windows on that 3rd floor though???

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