2nd Annual DCCX Cyclocross Bike Race To Be Held At Old Soldier’s Home Oct. 26


From a reader:

“DCCX, the only cyclocross race held in the nation’s capital, will be held on October 26 on the grounds of the Armed Forces Retirement Home in NW Washington DC. Registration is now open on BikeReg.com.

For the second-annual event, race promoters DCMTB/City Bikes are building on last year’s exciting, successful race and will offer improvements to an already awesome race experience — and provide even more extra-curricular fun for racers, kids and spectators. DCCX joined the MABRA cross series this year.


Three ways the fun continues from last year:

1. The race is held on a classic, European-style cyclocross course. It’s fast with lots of transitions from grass to pavement to gravel and back. There are some tricky barriers and roots. Amateur archeologists from DCMTB uncovered a stone, Paris-Roubaix-style path before last year’s race, and that has become DCCX’s signature feature. The layout is great for first time cyclocross racers and a fast, challenging event for veterans.

2. The Armed Forces Retirement Home is the site of four National Historic Landmarks, including the Lincoln Cottage. Lincoln withdrew to the
Soldiers’ Home each summer to escape the heat in the White House. It’s difficult to get on the grounds the other 364 days of the year; with a registration you can drive right in and check out the grounds, and schedule a tour of the Lincoln Cottage.

3. Beer. Yes, indeed: Racers will once again be able to enjoy a beer after their race courtesy of Sonoma Restaurant and Wine Bar in Washington, DC. More details after the jump.

Three ways the race will be so much better this year:

1. We’ve upped our payout for elite racers. Whole Foods-P St. has expanded its sponsorship of the event so that the winner of the women’s 1/2 race will for the first time get the same payout as the winner of the men’s 1/2 race. City Bikes remains as the title sponsor of the men’s elite race, with both races paying $700 total, seven deep. Other category winners will get cool loot.

2. Li’l Belgians will be sponsored by the Belgians. This year, as part of the MABRA series, DCCX is adding a race for kids, and we’ve pulled in as sponsors the Belgian Embassy, which will be offering all participating kids a special (and tasty) prize.

3. Frites! Just adding to the Belgian ambience, we will be serving free — yes, free — frites (that’s Belgian for French fries) to riders and spectators. Oh, and there will be delicious, vegan cookies from Sticky Fingers bakery and Drink More Water for those opposed to beer and frites.

What you need to do:

1. Register early at BikeReg.com. Last year’s race drew 240 participants, including a sold-out 80 for the Cat 4/beginner category. Given the great buzz that followed last year’s event, this year’s race is likely to be even more popular, and so register now to get into the race of your choice – and get a better call-up. (As of Oct. 2 there were already 51 Cat 4 racers registered. The field is capped at 100.) http://www.bikereg.com/events/register.asp?eventid=7143

2. Bring an ID on race day. You may be asked to present an ID upon entering the base, please be prepared. Also, there will be day-of registration, but it is guaranteed to be a royal pain in the neck. No money can change hands on the grounds of the Armed Forces base, and so you will need to drive back out to an undisclosed location to make your payment before you race.

3. Remember that Oct. 26 is also the day of the Marine Corps Marathon. There may be traffic issues. I-395 is open to traffic from the south (except the HOV lane). Road closures can be found at:

AFRH address is Rock Creek Church Rd, NW & Upshur St, NW, Washington, DC 20011

Course layout can be seen at:
Use the satellite view. Distance 2 miles. In last year’s dry conditions the top B and masters riders did 5 laps in their 45-minute race. The winning elite men averaged seven minutes a lap.

Photos from last year’s race are here: http://picasaweb.google.com/ou98dtbiggs/DCCX

The write up of last year’s race is the third item here. http://www.dcmtb.com/blog/archives/category/2007-race-reports

Call-ups will be based on current MABRA CX standings, order of
registration, and promoter discretion for all pre-registered racers.”

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  • WOOO!!!! I just started getting into Cyclocross and I cannot tell you the joy and excitement I had when i found out there is a race in October across the street from my home on 5th st!!! I cant wait!

  • What time does the race start? And how long does it last?

  • Sweet! Cyclocross is definitely the most fun cycling event to watch. It also seems to be the one most associated with beer…

  • The start times are as follows,

    I may “race” as well on my MTB.

    I think anyone racing should wear the new POP shirts

    Cat 4 Men 40 minutes 9:00 AM $20 Prizes/5 Places
    Cat 3, 4 Men 35+ (45+) 45 minutes 10:00 AM $20 Prizes/5 Places
    Cat 1, 2, 3, 4 55+ Men 45 minutes 10:02 AM $20 Prizes/5 Places
    Cat 3, 4 Men 45 minutes 11:00 AM $20 Prizes/5 Places
    MABRA Juniors (18 & Under) 45 minutes 11:00 AM $10 Medals/5 Places
    Master Cat 1, 2, 3 35+ Men (45+) 45 minutes 12:15 PM $20 Prizes/5 Places
    Lil’ Belgians (Kids) 1:00 PM $0 Medals/All
    Whole Foods P St Cat 1, 2, 3 Women 45 minutes 1:30 PM $20 $700/7 Places
    Cat 3, 4 Women 45 minutes 1:32 PM $20 Prizes/5 Places
    Juniors 16 & Under 2 laps 1:32 PM $10 Medals/5 Places
    City Bikes Cat 1, 2, 3 Men 60 minutes 2:30 PM $20 $700/7 Places

  • this makes me jealous. I wish so bad that we could go in there and ride our bikes around. it would be nice to have a safe place to get some exercise. the cemetery doesn’t allow bikes unfortunately otherwise that would be an awesome place to workout.

  • Well Morgan, you should ride your bike to this race and check it out. Who knows, maybe you can talk to some one about setting up a weekly group ride through the area.

  • Vonstallin

    Oh man…i saw this while motorbiking cool as hell and will be in for the next one.

  • Vonstallin

    oh snapp…this is 2008 lol

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