Yeah But What Are The Parking Restrictions?


Thanks to a reader for alerting me to the dozens of Found Rabbit signs in Columbia Heights. It’s nice that someone would go to all the trouble after finding a pet. It’d be weird, though, if it was a wild rabbit…

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  • Very weird.

    My brother once found a snake and put up “Found” signs. He insisted it was “too friendly” to be wild. (Don’t worry…not in DC!)

  • Be wery wery quiet, it’s wabbit season and we’re huntin’ wabbits!

  • There’s an oppossum that lives under my back porch. Gee, now I’m wondering if I should put up signs and see if anybody lost him (or her).

  • it’s probably best if you don’t post signs over other, government-erected signs tho – esp if you have your contact info on it.

  • Anyone else thinking this sign could be read a different way?

  • I think you may be on to something Rachel; It is far too apropos not to post this link –

  • now if someone could find some nice carrots and an onion or two they’d have a nice dinner.

  • Thanks a lot. I just wasted the last 20 minutes of my workday on eavesdropdc.

  • i’ve posted links to eavesdrop several times on this blog. it’s awesome. a bunch of mine were picked up, and they’re totally surREAL. this is one of the best cities for eavesdropping, especially when you work on the Hill.

  • I was there when the rabbit was rescued!!! Really, a proud moment of neighborly cooperation. I saw this girl running around someone’s yard and there was a guy with her who was holding a branch. I was wondering what they were doing. Then I saw the girl grab the rabbit being coached by the guy. She got it -it was obviously domesticated rabbit (very sweet, very cute). Another man stopped to watch and we all discussed what to do with it and had a good laugh. The first guy got a box and the girl brought the rabbit home. I ended up walking home with the other man and learning a lot about the neighborhood that he’s lived in for over 20 years! It was one of those moments that makes me happy that I live in a neighborhood with such friendly and caring neighbors!! Columbia Heights is great!

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