WJLA Reports: “Faux Wallet Helps Man in D.C. Mugging”

Thanks to a reader for sending this article. From the article:

“A man was able to survive a startling attack and keep his money during a mugging, by giving the robbers exactly what they wanted – almost.

For the last year and a half, he’s been walking around with two wallets – his own and a fake one. Inside, he kept $2 and some fake credit cards made out of cardboard. “It’s just another thing I put in my pants whenever I leave the house.”

Wild. I heard a number of people tell me that they been given this same advice. That’s awesome that it worked.

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  • Sometimes when I’m feeling particularly paranoid I take the cards and ID out of my wallet and put in my other pocket (I rarely carry much cash and you should leave something in there so they don’t come back). And I made the wallet of duct tape so losing it in no biggie. I never thought about fake credit cards though. I think I might make another duct tape wallet and put those generic credit cards that the companies sent you with sign-up papers in there.

  • im glad the decoy worked for this guy…i would rather carry a weapon though and make the thug feel something other than gipped…

  • Duct tape wallet… now that’s cool! 🙂

    Christopher – remember, the Supreme Court idiotic decision only applies to guns in homes.. 😉

    Re fake credit cards – even better than cardboard ones would be those really real looking plastic ones that you get with the credit card offers junk mail almost every day!

  • Duct tape can be used for something besides dating????

  • If you have ever planned to travel to a country where muggings are common, this advice is given often. I have been meaning to actually make one for the longest time and even saved a few of those fake plastic credit cards I received in the mail. I should get on it!

  • well poop, what about us who carry purses?

  • side note, herb and odenentex(sp ?) are so fun to read lol…i read the comments looking for thier comments funny as hell smart and not nasty thanks

  • I used to have two wallets, my “mugger wallet” that I’d carry with me which had some expired credit cards in it. Now, I’m just too lazy, or I just carry a money clip with only necessities (since it’s a lot smaller anyway).

    It’s nice that this actually paid off, but I guess I’ve gotten to the point where the inconvenience of canceling a few extra credit cards and losing a hundred bucks or whatever the one time in 10 years I get mugged, just isn’t worth the nuisance of carrying *two* wallets all the time or even carrying a different one. It’s not like we live in Baghdad. Muggings are pretty rare for any individual.

  • Man. Who let the cat out of the bag?! All that preparation, and now the mugger is just going to ask me for both my wallets!

  • On December 22, 2008, at approximately 5:45 p.m, I returned to my locker (#122) from my workout and noticed that my lock was gone and the door of the locker was ajar. I immediately checked my front pants pocket for my wallet and it was not there. I immediately approached one of the Results managers and told him that my wallet had been stolen from my locker! Any eyes-witness or found green wallet (brand name is Timberland) pleases contact Officer Grey Tompa (202) 698-0068 or the Results Gym (Results Gym, 315 G Street SE, Washington, DC.). Thank you!

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