While We’re On The Topic of Markets – What’s The Story With ‘Everlasting Life’?


Any fans of Everlasting Life super market and health complex located at 2928 Georgia Ave? Sounds pretty interesting. The sign says it is community owned and not for profit. Do you have to pay a membership fee? How are the prices in general?

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  • Everlasting Life is the greatest ever! They’re remodeling the place and I’m not sure they’re done, but it’s a wonderful example of a corner grocery, with healthful vegan choices. I run into it whenever I’m out of soymilk, herbs, spices, produce, etc. The bext part of Everlasting Life is the back deli: OMG delicious, vegan items are to be had! They have cold items like salads but hot foods like mac and cheese, collard greens, sweet potatoes, etc all w/o animal products! They have vegan soft serve too (peanut butter is wonderful)! Jeez, I sound like they pay me to say this stuff, but I’m completely unaffiliated, just in love!

  • oh yes, too busy gushing and didn;t even answer your questions:
    Do you have to pay a membership fee? No, open to all, just walk in

    How are the prices in general? On par with Giant and lower than whole foods for specialty soy/tofu products.

  • I think they are affiliated with Soul Veg? speaking of. POP you should do a Post on Soul Veg. deliiiicious.

  • Just don’t talk to them about Rastafarianism, they’re very anti-gay there and had a stack of pamphlets about it about 2002, the last time I went there.

  • Anyone been in there lately? It’s been almost a year for me, but the last couple times I went in it the shelves were mostly empty and they pretty much had nothing we could use. Maybe that was due to renovations, so maybe it’s restocked now? I’ll check it out again if so. But that’s pretty fucked about the anti-gay literature. Maybe an old school street protest could help evolve their worldview.

  • The easiest way to disincentivate anti-gay propaganda pushers is to take away their funding. In other words, don’t shop there. I’ve never seen anti-gay literature at Yes!

  • I seem to have heard that they opened this story in the middle of the crack epidemic to bring some commercial stability to the neighborhood. It used to be an open air drug market there. And yes, the last time I went in the shelves were bare but the deli food was yummy.

  • I haven’t been in there in a while, but I’m a huge fan of the hot-food carryout counter in the back. Shelves had been rather barren for a while — if they kept more stock, I’d happily do more regular business there.

  • their shelves are slowly but surly getting restocked…. great food in the back !! Try the shakes!

  • Next time you go in try the cashew nog. They make it fresh out of cashews, soymilk, and other rich things. tastes like an eggnog milkshake. If you’re curious about any of the deli items ask to try a sample. My fav is the cold macaroni salad.

    My friend had them cater her wedding- vegan mac and cheese and bbq “chicken”. Shit was amazing.

  • Ugh – I loved the place as a source for bulk foods, and the counter in the back is awesome. For $10, they’ll give you a platter that’s easily enough for two. I’ve been wondering when they’d finish remodeling to be back at full capacity. The whole anti-gay thing ruins it for me. But to be fair, it’s worth checking to make sure things haven’t changed since 2002. If they haven’t, then (thanks for the tip, Kyle), off to Yes!.

    Side question: Any word on when the 14th St. Yes! is opening?

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