Where’s The Best Tailor in Town?


This along with where is the best dry cleaner seems to be the question that comes up again and again. So let’s finally have the definitive options. So where’s the best tailor in town?

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  • Williams the Tailor at 2000 Penn in Foggy Bottom is pretty good. He is a little pricey, but very helpful.

  • Do’s on Wisconsin Ave in G-town is expensive but great.

  • If i was a tailor i would open a shop on Taylor

  • Field English Custom Tailor in upper Georgetown. Not cheap, but well worth the price. I think most of his work is bespoke suits but he also does alterations.

  • Does the establishment that PoP posted the photo of offer lottery services as well? Tailoring and gambling all together.

  • I agree with the first Tim – William the Tailor is a great place for “serious” alterations as it is on the high end of the checkbook. For quick fixes, like a loose hem etc – most dry cleaners can fix them on the cheap.

  • I was getting pants hemmed at Georgetown Valet for a while, but they did a pretty crummy and uneven stitching job that is now starting to unravel. I’ve had good experiences at VIP Tailor in Metro Center and Lee’s Tailoring in Farragut, and the cost of hemming is about the same. I also had VIP reconstruct the shoulders on a dress in order to shorten the torso and they did an excellent job. The dress looks flawless and fits perfectly.

  • bone – just out of curiosity, what does “not cheap” mean for a bespoke suit? I’ve always been a Men’s Wearhouse guy, but I have to admit I’m curious – what does a custom tailored suit go for, anyway?

  • I swear by Christopher Kim at 20th and M Street. My husband was wearing a brown suit for our wedding, and the tailor we first went to ruined it. No other tailor was willing to touch it, but one of them said if anyone could work a miracle, it was Christopher Kim. He was totally right – even in only two days before our Thanksgiving wedding! Now I won’t get anything tailored anywhere else.

  • Suzie Kim on 20th Street NW, between R and S, does great work and is less expensive than some others. I’ve had her do everything from hems to dresses, adding darts to a blazer, altering bridesmaids dresses.

  • Mrs. Joon at Dupont Court Cleaners at 18th and S NW does awesome work. I just had four suit jackets taken in, and it cost much less than I expected.

  • I’ve had very good luck at Lee’s tailoring on 15th St. (no relation). I have a small collection of vintage clothes, and they’ve always done a good job doing alterations to my suits and tuxedos. Their prices are also quite reasonable, certainly cheaper than what you’d pay for one of the menswear shops like Do’s that specialize in bespoke suits and the like.

  • I like Magic Seams on U Street… across from the U ST metro (10th &U). shoe shine shop on the bottom floor and it is next to Oooh and Aahs. Eddie Lofton (the tailor) is awesome.

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