Where’s The Best Spot For Live Jazz/Blues in the City?


I’ve always been a fan of HR 57 (on 14th St. just north of Q) and Bohemian Caverns (at 11th and U). Any fans of Vegas Lounge? Where’s your favorite spot?

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  • I don’t know but the Yellow Cab I was riding in this morning was playing great jazz and the driver discussed options for best route by saying “I have a couple different ways to skin that cat.”


  • I also like Bohemian Caverns (and their good beer selection nicely compliments their always-good slate of shows). I know people who swear by Twins Jazz, also on U. St.

  • Bohemian Caverns and Twins Jazz are the two best, IMHO. But the best kept secret among jazz clubs in town is Columbia Station on 18th in Adams Morgan.

  • HR 57 by far. BYOB and a great atmosphere.

  • I absolutely love the New Vegas Lounge on any weekend night. The band is so friendly and comes out and dances with the audience and the music is great. Wouldn’t call it jazz per say — more oldies but goodies in the blues/r&b arena. Check it out!

  • I like utopia, the food and drinks are decent and there is no cover or “attitude” just good music. I’m going to have to check out vegas, and HR 57 …. looking fwd to jazzfest in Oct!

  • I know, it’s too expensive. I know, a lot of the acts suck. I know, the ticketing policy is awful. But the two best nights of jazz music I ever saw in this town were: (1) sitting at a small table about four feet from Jeff Watts, and (2) right up fromt for Josh Redman. Both were at Blues Alley.

    HR57 is great, Bohemian Caverns is great, but every now and again, Blues Alley just gets you there.

  • The bar at New Vegas Lounge always cracks me up. It’s so high up! I’m 5’8″ and the bar is up to my shoulders and when you sit down at the bar I can’t but feel like a child. You have to check it out, if not for the good music than for the hilarious bar height. Btw, does anyone know why they built it so tall?

  • I like Thursday nights at Cafe Nema. Where else can you have chicken shwarma and a Spaten draft while listening to Jazz?

  • Love Vegas Lounge! It’s a great place to go dance and the band is amazing! 🙂

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