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  • Zaytinya is a home run for me every time. The goat shank alone is worth the price of admission. Mmm, goat shank…

    Jaleo is always fun too, and the guys who work in the bar are really nice.

  • Wait, maybe it’s lamb shank. Either way it’s delicious.

  • Heritage India has a good tapas menu. And the prices are cheap for happy hour! No doubt Zaytinya is good but PRICEY!!!

  • I like Rumbero’s.

  • Zaytinya isn’t cheap, but for the quality of the food you get, the price is excellent. I took my mom there for her bday, and given, we weren’t drinking alcohol, but we got many dishes + dessert and left for under $25/person. I think it’s the best place to take guests out of town–impressive yet quite reasonable.

    The best tapas meal in DC is the tasting menu at Komi, but I’ve only ever gone there once, it’s really out of my price range.

    For inexpensive tapas without having to wait in long lines, my favorite is old reliable Skewer’s in Dupont Circle, on P St.

  • Zatinya for sure! I’ve yet to have a bad meal there! And I agree, it’s a perfect place to take out of towners.

  • Err Zaytinya. Guess I should learn to spell it if I like it so much.

  • Best by far – Taberna de Alabardero. They have Happy Hour everyday from 4-7 with half price tapas, wine and sangria.

  • zaytinya has great food but the portions are small…

  • Tapas are evil!! Tiny tiny and expensive! Boo tapas!

  • not a huge fan of tapas – always tasty – but i also always leave starving and end up stopping off for a burger or pizza later!

  • Taberna is sinfully expensive, but it’s the best traditional “Spain” Spanish food out there.

  • For sheer variety Zaytinya and or Jaleo. I’ve taken my parents, in-laws and other out of towners to both and everyone has enjoyed it. Bar Pilar’s list is smaller but I’m liking it more and more.

  • The deep fried bacon wrapped dates are heavenly at Jaleo! And they make a good sangria to boot.

  • I’m with cupcake, definitely Taberna de Alabardero.

  • Bar Pilar was decent before they dropped all the good things on the menu (grilled cheese w/ tomato soup, tater tots) and went all uppity and started catering to middle-aged suits. I haven’t been back since the transition, so if someone tells me they came to their senses and went back to the old menu, I might go back.

  • I actually really like the one pictured, Meze. Checking out Co Co Sala Thursday…

  • Well I like tapas because there are usually so many things I want to try on the menu so with tapas I can order a lot and not look like a fattie.

    I like Bar Pilar, Zaytinya, and Jaleo.

    I really wanted to like Rumberos, but I’m sorry, the food was bland and flavorless and the drinks ain’t cheap. When I went there, a live band was playing, which was fun, but they were blasting obnoxious club music at the same time. Maybe with age it will get better, but as of now, not good.

  • I have to vote for “none of the above.” If I could import my three favorite Tapas, Chinese, bagel/deli, pizza, and Italian places from NYC to DC, I would never want to leave this city. Those, to me, are the truly glaring problems with the local cuisine, and I will never get why no one is able to open a truly great pizza-by-the-slice place or tapas place or in particular Chinese place w/in the DC city limits. The amount of money to be made is potentially staggering. And if someone can convince me they have the culinary and management chops to accomplish any of the above, I will happily invest in your venture. I am totally serious.

  • And a standard NYC diner too! You know, the ones with a 30 page menu… I’d invest as well, and by invest I mean in the double digit range, like maybe $20. If I don’t feed the dog this month…

  • blah blah blah nyc is better blah

    anyway third on taberna de alabardero! insanely good stuff there.

  • wholeheartedly seconded, animal mother! i haven’t been there to eat since my one rotten post-switch experience. drinks, yes. food, no thanks.

  • Speaking of bacon wrapped dates, I made chorizo filled, bacon wrapped dates this weekend (yummy). It is surprisingly easy to make your own tapas and a really fun. For a terrific menu of interesting tapas (if I may say so myself) click here


  • Hmm, NYC diner…please no one kill me here, but are these like all the NJ diners (yes I know NJ is not NY!) that all seem to be owned by Greeks? The closest place to that around DC is Plato’s diner on Rt. 1 in College Park, actually quite a cute place (perhaps with exception of rowdy UMD undergrads). It has all the usual diner food like 24hr breakfast and burgers plus Greek dishes. I think a restaurant like Plato’s would do really well in Ward 4, definitely a mostly vacant niche in the city.

  • I’m a huge fan of Oyamel and Zaytinya.

  • People still eat tapas? I guess you need something to go with that apple martini or cosmo.

  • Chi-cha lounge is tasty..but really tiny selection (no pun)

  • greek owned all night diner:
    Amphora – Vienna Va

    Pizza by the slice-
    Pete’s – Columbia Heights

  • Creo que las tapas son pretenciosas

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