What’s a “Normal” Width for a Row Home?


I’ve always wondered if people would prefer a skinny three floor row home or a wider two floor row home. Any preferences here?

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  • The wider the better

  • +1 (I think that’s how the youngsters indicate they are of the same opinion as the previous poster).

  • this post is strangely suggestive…

  • PoP, It’s not the size of it, but what you do with your living space that counts. Trust me. I wouldn’t lie.


  • i like smaller three floor homes. it breaks up the space more, so you can actually feel like your getting away from your significant other when she starts acting up. :o)

    trust me, i know!

  • Most rowhouses range from 12 to 24 feet wide. The narrower ones (12-14 feet) are usually 2 bedroom 2 level houses. I would think the rooms in the upper levels of a narrow 3 level rowhouse on the would be pretty tiny. That is, you’ve got a great deal of the width of the house consumed with a staircase and hallway, and presumably a bathroom on each floor too. In That’s a lot of real estate, there’s probably not a lot left for rooms. You’d get more out of a wider 2-level house.

    Of course you need more land for that 🙂

  • I’d prefer a narrower, 3 storey house. That gives you 4 levels, and much more creative layouts of furnishings…

  • 2 floors are better. The added stairs for a third floor just waste space.

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