What The Hell Is This?

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This was really bizarre. I was walking down the street and came upon this weird contraption. It seems to be a phone of sorts. Apparently you put some quarters in it in order to make a call. I guess it exists in case your cell phone battery dies? Anyone else ever see one of these?

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  • In a truly bizarre arrangement, there’s a vacant storefront at Lincoln Rd & Rhode Island Ave NE (been that way for years) with two operating, recently refurbished phones for the ‘customers’

  • I saw Clark Kent standing there looking very confused. Maybe he is writing a story about it?

  • it looks new too like it was put up recently….strange object. what could it possibly be? a port to the future?

  • I’m pretty sure it’s a hair dryer. I’ve seen something similar at the YMCA.

  • There are a couple at the BP on Georgia and a few near a grocery on 14th where there are always lines to use them – mostly recent immigrants who I guess don’t have cell phones.

  • I don’t use a cell phone. Yes I am a Luddite.

  • I’ve started to see more of these popping up lately. Some kind of retro resurgence? A couple years ago, I had a cell phone outage while not near the office or home, and I only then realized how these things didn’t exist anymore.

    I don’t know how Tony Soprano and his crew had access to so many.

  • In 2004(ish) ran a scavenger hunt in which teams of contestants had to find one of those old school phone booths with a full enclosure, get the entire team (of about 6-7 contestants) inside, and have someone take a picture. I thought the only ones were at Union Station, but apparently there still all over the place. We just stopped noticing them because of our now lack of need for them.

  • God bless you -Schweeney…

  • There’s still one at 15th and Columbia that I see people using all the freaking time.

  • I almost had to use one of those when going to visit my brother in his shady neighborhood in Brooklyn, because my cell phone died! Unfortunately, I no longer have anyone’s phone numbers memorized because they’re all stored in my cell phone…

  • Its for the drug dealers to make their anonymous calls, when they can’t jack your cell phone with a ‘giveituperdie!’

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