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  • My guess is that they’re going to slap stucco on top of the plywood. Was this a frame house? It looks like it would have been brick.

  • I bet they put up siding.

  • Yes and no. Plywood is sheathing that goes over studs and then tyvek goes on the sheathing, then siding. But in this case they’re just puttin plywood on the siding without demoing the original siding. That’s why the window frames are “sinking” behind the plyood. Too many layers. All those windows are going to leak. Run away from that house. Work’s probably being done without permits.

  • Yes, run away. That’s exactly how the “addition” on the back of my house was built — shitboard and stucco. No Tyvek. Lots of leaks, lots of mold, lots of crumbling stucco. If only I had known…

  • Run away. Whoever buys this house will end up with significant water damage and have to tear all that crap down in a couple years, reface the structure and install new windows. Sad that someone is going to get suckered.

  • This is on S Street at 13th, no? They were removing the siding before this plywood went up. I go by it every day. It’s weird the windows are still sunk in….

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