(Was it a) Good Deal or Not?


Well, I was a little too slow on this house at 1029 Kenyon Street. It is already under contract. The Web site says:

“Leave the car and the condo fees behind & be ready to enjoy the luxury of having everything at your doorstep in a stunning town home renovation. With convenience, location and accessibility where else would you go other than Columbia Heights. Within 2 blocks you are in the heart of shopping, cafes, restaurants, Metro and much more. This home has gleaming hardwood floors extending throughout the first floor a modern kitchen, the perfect back yard to hold all those backyard parties you have been thinking about, 2 nicely sized bedrooms and a stunning full size bathroom with separate tub and shower.”

It’s a pretty small house but the location is pretty killer. So for a two bedroom, one bathroom was $380,000 a good deal?

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  • The answer is yes – very good deal. Too good of a deal, that’s why it sold for a whole lot more…

  • I would say yes – a good alternative to (likely) more expensive condo.

  • We paid the same amount for a three bedroom one bathroom home only a block or two away from that one last summer. So I’d say not such a great deal.

  • That’s a good deal. Nice renovation, great location, parking in the back. No condo fee. Perfect for a couple or a small family.

  • It seems like a good deal if it fits your needs. Most people buy too much house and get stuck with huge maintenance expenses. A small family could definitely make this work without breaking the bank.

  • Did the reno forget the kitchen? That stove looks pretty old, the counter appears to me formica, and the cabinets are hideous.

  • I was kind of surprised at the low price on that house in a pretty sweet location about 12 feet from Wonderland. Anonymous at 12:07 (or anyone else), any idea what it actually sold for?

  • I think a good deal, especially if they manage to finally do something with the burned out house two doors down (hopefully the people i saw climbing inside are workers not just squatters). Paid same for a house earlier this summer just down the street, mine was bigger, but needs tons of work.

  • Seems alright…

  • Is the sidewalk on the left go to the backyard…..or is it just an access to the neighborhood urinal?

  • Pretty sure that sidewalk is public, going to the alley. Which means you could probably get to the backyard that way too, but pretty sure that’s not like a private walkway to the yard.

  • I looked at this house and it was VERY small. If you wanted to be near the Target, etc. location it’s good but VERY VERY small with little closet space. We didn’t extend an offer on it.

  • hi there

    we’re the couple who bought the house — just closed today.

    final purchase price was $393,000.

    good deal? we think so — but more importantly it is the right house and the right deal for us!

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