Sweet Sculpture

DSCN3199, originally uploaded by Prince of Petworth.

Anyone recognize where it’s from? Hint: It’s from a bridge.

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  • Q Street Bridge over to Georgetown

  • dang, ay beat me to it.

  • aka the ‘Buffalo Bridge’ or ‘Dumbarton Bridge’. I remember the buffaloes were removed for a long time [maybe in the late ’80’s] and basically forgotten about. One of the guys in Minor Threat went through great lengths to get them reconditioned and placed back in ‘service’. I think he was in the process of writing a book about it – there was a City Paper article many years ago about it. Very cool sculptures though.

  • …with the Turkish residence behind it, Ah believe.

  • Yep, definitely on Q near Massachusetts. I’ve seen that before and the buffaloes remind me of my hometown of Buffalo, where similar architecture would be in parts of the city.

  • Nice photo.
    The Turkish residence was originally built by the inventor of the crimped bottle cap. The animal sculpter was Alexander Phimister Proctor. I always thought that name was cute. The Native American heads on the bridge are awesome too.

  • They were just recently cleaned and waxed a few weeks ago, that’s why it looks so perrty….:)

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