Sweet City Sign

DSCN2745, originally uploaded by Prince of Petworth.

And fresh fish painting underneath (note the tiny flying fish as well).

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  • So awesome to see that one up! I’ve loved it for absolutely years. Who would eat a fish with those teeth? It looks more like one of those warnings that a house has a dog. Also, not sure if they still advertise this, but I always wondered – fried fish for breakfast? I occasionally have some really odd yens at different times of the day, but even if I ate fish, I’m not sure I could get that down before lunch.

  • Yeah, it’s a nice sign and all, but I would definitely steer clear of actually eating anything from there. It’s very, very sketchy looking, which is something you especially don’t want in a fish place.

  • I agree with Noah, the whole stretch of P Street this shop is on smells like pee. Mmmm Mmmm the smell of fresh fish and pee in the morning, gag me!

  • the fish painting has also fallen off the wall inside the window years ago… i wish someone would fix it.

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