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A number of people have written me about this condo project located at 3318 Georgia Avenue. I was finally able to check it out this weekend. My first impression is that I’m super psyched it was built on this section of Georgia. I really think this a good sign towards the revitalization of Georgia Ave. The building itself is quite nice. It is brand new construction and seemed to be very solid not just a quick rehab. It’s a rather small building with only 12 units. There is a pretty sweet roof deck that was a bit spartan but could be a great spot to bbq and read a book in the future. The units are split between one bedrooms and two bedrooms. The first one bedroom I saw was a bit disappointing. It was rather on the small side. Fortunately the two bedroom I saw was phenomenal. It had a huge row of windows that I imagine would flood the room with light. The kitchens are nice and open and the ceiling are really high. There are some other nice details as well like wrought iron handrails in the main staircase. It’s the little touches like that which, I really thought were cool.

I’m not quite sure how I feel about the location. It’s right near Lamont Street which means it is a bit of a walk to the Petworth or Columbia Heights metros. I do, however, think that this section of Georgia will continue to get better and better. It seems like a perfect spot for some good restaurants etc. Time will tell I suppose.

The one bedrooms I saw range from $234,900 to $289,900 with $208 condo fees. The two bedrooms were $459,900 or $469,000 with condo fees of $300 (and they come with one parking space). You can find more information at their Web site Sidney on the avenue.

I really like the look of the building and the condos themselves were among the nicer I’ve seen. I think the success of this building is going to depend a lot upon the improvements along Georgia Ave. But it seems like the city has made a significant investment in Georgia Ave. so it’s hard to imagine how vibrant it will be in a few years. What do you think about this location?

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  • Would personally like to see higher density and more affordable housing. I dont get the buyer who wants brazilian cherry floors, granit counters, and a view of crack heads on georgia ave. I think there are a lot of young people who would love to move to this neighborhood without having to pay the premium for such, in my opinion, tacky “luxury” finishes. A building twice as tall as this with units geared toward young working people with basic finishes I think would do very well and ultimatly be better for the cummunity by adding more residents and ones that would be more active in the community.

  • Anonymous,

    As on of the “young working people” that you describe, this exactly is the kind of building I’m looking for. Additionally, it’s the right scale/size for Georgia Ave. This area is not zoned for 8 story buildings and it probably will never be. Look at the Donatelli and Klien building on top of the Metro – It’s only a mid-rise, and that’s right on the Metro! That’s going to be the maximum density that you’ll see in this area.

    If you want to see the avenue continue to develop and improve, this is what’s going to need to happen. If you’re ever going to pull working professionals on to Georgia avenue, you’re going to need more product like this. Not everyone is willing to renovate a house… You need more and better quality housing stock in Petworth, and this is exactly that.

    Kudos to the developer. Here’s hoping that more follow suit with residential, retail, etc.

  • This isn’t that far from the Metro, I walk down there all of the time and I live right near there. Also, there’s a bus stop right in front of that building with 2 frequent buses that take you straight downtown.

  • Again, I would strike the walking distance to metro. I do it EVERYDAY. It’s about 7 to 10 minutes at a morning pace.

  • Oh and to mention, you have a stop for the 70 straight downtown a few feet from your front door. The barber shop to the building’s left is great. Oh yes, the folks who live on Lamont street are rather neighborly too!

  • Yeah, it’s only 6 blocks to the Columbia Heights metro. Very walkable in 5-8 minutes.

  • One more thing: the 79 metro express bus stops there too! Right down Georgia Ave with limited stops so it’s fast!

  • Yawn. Typical contractor special granite and cherry. Way to far from the Metro. This part of GA Ave is serious sketch.

  • When Georgia Avenue great streets project is completed (maybe two years?) this area will be fantastic, until then, still a bit sketch and, moreover, you face the prospect of a lot of construction activity ahead. If willing to put up with that and focus on the end result, this location is certain to be great in the relatively near future.

  • Why do people have a mental block about Georgia Avenue? It’s like running water and vampires (can’t cross Georgia Avenue!) And remember people used to say don’t go east of 18th, then 16th, then 14th, and now Georgia Avenie. Georgia’s one of the historic throughfares of Washington DC, and it’s on the up and up and there are good people and great real estate deals to be found.

  • there is a difference between believing in Georgia Ave’s Future and wanting to pay a qaurter million dollars for a below grade 450 sq ft condo with tacky 1998 “luxury finishes” on ga ave only to wait around for 5 years for it to improve.

  • What’s a better functioning counter surface than granite? What floor surface is better than wood? Looks like a nice, 1 BR condo for under $300K with a low fee. Although it’s not cheap, it’s much more affordable than most of the new construction in the vicinity.

  • Actually, I like living on JoJo Ave RIGHT NOW!

  • Went through here on Sunday… This place is really nice. Solid hardwood – not the engineered crap, solid doors, all wood cabinets, recessed lighting, elfa closets, etc. I’ve seen a lot of new construction in the past few years, and this is by far above board for the market… I love seeing something like this built in Petworth…

  • i’m begining to think VAhoya is involved with these condos in someway… I had been in the market for a condo for over a year until prices slumped enough that I was actually able to afford a house. In that time I saw about a thousand condos and while I have not been in these the pictures look identical to EVERY OTHER CONDO I SAW IN THIS CITY. Sorry. I like the outside and I am glad to see the area improve but why anyone would be turned on by this I do not know.

  • Anonymous 8:58. Maybe you can get some of your friends to come in and help clear the
    “serious” sketchiness of the area up..

  • VAhoya, its great to hear its top quality construction. The only question that comes with that is whether that has pushed the price point beyond what the market demans/can bear in this location. I sure hope they do sell, of course.

    Personally, the main issue could be traffic noise, given that GA is indee a major throughfare.

  • Those prices seem about right …

  • about right? i mean maybe someone would pay 235,000 for a 400 sq ft basement level condo on georgia ave. but it sho nuff aint me. look at the floor plan for unit 01. yikes.

  • GA Ave is not as bad as its reputation. I had a chance to make the movie night on GA Ave that was listed here on PoP a couple weeks ago. I didn’t think anyone would show up considering the location. There were a number of people there to my surprise.

    Once Park Place and some of the other developments come online GA Ave will only get safer. And more importantly, the aesthetics will gradually improve.

    This area of GA Ave has a lot of pluses. Lots of traffic. Very good location. Close to Howard. Close to Washington Medical Center. Close to Columbia Heights. Close to U. St. Very good transportation. 70, 79, 62, 64, 66, 68.

    I went to see a condo building near this place. I think it was on Newton. I forget the name of the building. The building had a lot of mid to upper income residents. That is the impetus to slowly changing not only the feel of GA Ave, but the perception. I see a little bit of Flatbush Ave in GA Ave.

  • actually unit 01 has MORE sq footage than 02. so is prob more than 235. Units 02 and 03 are the basement levels with the least square footage and so are prob the ones going for 235,000. a good oppurtunity for someone on a budget who cares more about stainless steal than location or sq footage. But not for me

  • And that’s the beauty of personal choice and the (near) free market. This is worth something to somebody. We’ll get to see if the price is too high or the location too “risky.” I’m sure the same was said about Lamont Street Lofts (pictured behind this building).

    Also let’s not forget that there are other projects already starting (Kenyon and GA) and others slated to begin. Give it up. It’s starting.

  • I’m pretty sure the Lamont Street Lofts wouldn’t sell for the price the current owners paid for them 2 years ago.

  • Again, [email protected]:01, we’ll get to see the results in a few weeks/months. They will either sell at or near there asking price. Or, they’ll have to be deeply discounted so the developer may cover their debt obligations.

    Though, please understand that this “part” or “section” of Georgia is close to where many of your neighbors live. Yes, it’s grimy, and not a carbon copy of a random suburb, but it’s all we could afford.

  • They may not sell. But what are the odds on them becoming section 8 housing? Slim to none. 1 & 2 bedroom apartments don’t meet the needs of many Section 8 households.

  • there have been at anytime in the past 2 years about 5 or 6 lamont lofts for sale. can get a good deal on them. I saw 2 bedroom penthouse for sale with its own hottub roof terrace. i think it was 479? perfect example of people jumping the gun and then getting tired of waiting after 5 years for the neighborhood to right itself. but yes I would agree georgia aves time is getting closer but just to build all the buildings that will lift it up will take another 3 or 4 years.

  • It is a sketchy area to be sure. Some basic, basic, rudimentary, simple simple simon policing of public drunkenness, littering, dope smoking, fighting, and such would go a long way to clearing it up. Like what other towns do! Its got all the transit elements, a little too far from Petworth metro but many key buses in the area. The 79 Express is the way to go, much better than metro…

  • I’m out of this it’s sketchy/it’s not sketchy fight. Personally at night I find Adams Morgan and U street to be sketchy b/c of it’s bars but I think Georgia Avenue is fine. And I’m a girl, y’all! But the reason why the condos are a little far from the Petworth metro is that it’s closer to the Columbia Heights metro. And I totally agree with youdontknowme’s 79 Express bus love.

  • Its actually only .4 miles to the Georgia Ave metro stop, which is ridiculously close, and it is .7 miles from the Columbia Heights metro stop, which is still VERY close, but Petworth is closer. Anyone who considers living less than half-a-mile away from a metro as “a little bit too far” needs to do a bit more walking from time to time.

  • You’re right JnDC – I was counting the distance in blocks

  • To the Anon poster at 10:04, I’m not involved with the project… Just a real estate nerd – went by for the Sunday open house…

    Quite frankly, you should visit before passing judgment. Any homeowner will know the difference in the quality, and that’s all I’m saying. The granite/stainless/hardwood features are all pretty standard, but it’s the quality of those items and the general build quality that set this one apart from the rest. It’s easy to put the flashy items into a condo and skimp on the rest (hardwood quality, soundproofing, HVAC, electrical, lighting, etc.etc.) From what I could tell, this developer didn’t do that.

    Go see for yourself, but this one looks better in person that it does in the 3-4 photos that POP posted.

    Anyway, I think we can all agree that things like this are positive for GA Ave.

  • if you are a girl and find Georgia Ave to be better than adams morgan, u street, at night. I think you are rolling the dice. I would urge you not to be walking around alone at night on Georgia Ave. If you live near there take a cab or get a friend to walk with you.

  • We live around the corner from this place – on the east side of Georgia Ave, no less, for six years now with no mugging or breakins to report, but I’m not going to get into the question of sketchiness. Just one thing I haven’t noticed anyone say is that the Park-Morton housing complex right across the street from the new condos will be demolished before 2010 and replaced with a mix of retail, market-rate and affordable housing. That complex is the source of most of the drunkenness and the drug trade. The whole stretch up to the metro will be affected by this change, and it could make these condos look like a good deal in a few years…

  • VAhoya Says:

    September 8th, 2008 at 9:57 am
    … I love seeing something like this built in Petworth…

    FYI, this building is not located in Petworth. This is CH, maybe Parkview, but certainly not Petworth.

  • Meanwhile, in the real 🙂 news and adding to anonymous 3.55pm:

  • Everyone has their own comfort level…personally as a woman I feel a little uncomfortable walking around in this area–it feels a lot different to me than GA Ave north of the PW metro–but someone a bit more daring could get a great price for new construction and do well selling it years later. So maybe you won’t have many couples with kids checking out the 2BRs, but there are plenty of homebuyers who don’t fit that description who will be happy to take a risk on a redeveloping area.

  • saf

    Actually, Anon5:18, it’s Pleasant Plains.

  • Pleasant Plains is Columbia Heights! [said in Heston Soylent Green voice]

  • OK, when I said I walk to the Metro all of the time, I mean, I walk it everyday. And I’m a woman. I live on Lamont across from these units. I have never felt unsafe. Also, the people on the route don’t bother you if you don’t bother them. Some of y’all need to get some balls ’bout yourself.

  • You my dear certainly will get some “Balls bout yourself” if you keep struttin around like you are invincible on Georgia ave. and of course nothing happens on the way to and from the metro. that aint prime time suga

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