Ridiculously Awesome Album Cover (Of The Week)

DSCN2853, originally uploaded by Prince of Petworth.


Som Records on 14th Street continues to impress with their awesome album covers.  This one is too good.  I honestly can’t look at this photo without laughing.


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  • I remember that record. about 15 years ago I met someone who was in one of those MBA bands as we used to call them, I think these guys were called the VPs or the VIPs and talking to the guy I found out about dozens of those bands going back to the disco era. A similar rap group was Harvard’s BMOC. Now what’s funny about BMOC is that their parents later fronted them the money to start their own company: The Source magazine.

  • Haha.. the store owners/staff obviously have a good sense of humor and timing!

  • neal does it again! thank you PoP, this is becoming my favorite regular post

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