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  • beautiful! what does one do with those tropical plants in the winter? do they die and come back each spring?

  • I have learned over the years that before it freezes, I use a saw and cut them down in pieces to their base. (I tried letting them wilt over, but they get very fibrous and are harder to clean up.) A couple of years ago, when it didn’t frost until November, I got some little bananas:http://www.flickr.com/photos/hipchickindc/446738481/in/set-72157594319059946/

    Every year I have lived here, they come back in the Spring and they grow like mad. I thin the shoots every Spring, so if you want one, and can remember in about April, send me an e-mail and I’ll save one for you. The babies of these trees live all over DC.

  • Wow! Must remember that about the Banana trees. I am living in the Caribbean now, but plan on returning to our CH rowhouse in a couple of years. I would love to plant some banana trees to remind me of my island home. Just a question… does your yard get a lot of sunlight? Are the planted in pots or right in the ground?

  • They are directly in the ground, and they actually don’t get a lot of sunlight. Ironically, the person who planted them now lives in Costa Rica.

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