Random Reader Rant – Open Thread

Per a reader’s suggestion I’m opening up a random thread. You can talk about what ever is on your mind – quality of life issues, a beautiful tree you spotted, scuttlebutt, or any random questions/thoughts you may have. I’ll see how this works and will make it a once a day or once a week post.

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  • Can we make it positive instead of ranting? I feel like with all the bad that is going on in the world these days, the last thing we need is more negativity.

    So, I’ll start it off by saying that PoP is the best blog on the internet and we appreciate your tireless efforts to keep it so active and informative. I wouldn’t be able to do it for even a week. (that’s some good brown nosing, i know, but we all know it’s true)

  • What? No ranting? But I wanted to tell about how this morning I was brokering a “Cops” like domestic dispute in Marietta, GA. Police were called, goods were released, and friend is now safely on his way to the airport.

    I guess I could save that for my own blog, though.

    Positive: Despite today being gray, Fall is my favoirite season in DC. Kalia, are we going pumpkin picking tomorrow?

  • @thegoodinlife – good call: a “positive rant” thread would be WAY more productive than a negative rant thread. there are enough of those on the internet.

    my positive rants for the day
    1) a rolled up tortilla stuffed with banana and nutella is an amazingly delicious breakfast
    2) this dreary weather is sooo perfect for a long walk with my dog, who has struggled with the summer heat. yay for moderate weather!
    3) it’s FRIDAY!

  • I like the idea of keeping it positive! Of course, what’s on my mind is what we can do to help all the young men wandering the neighborhood today find jobs. I’m working at home, and there is a constant parade of 20-something year old men of all types lurking about.

  • The garbage guys were spot on today despite all the rain and did a great job! All the rain is helping to get the plants ready for a winter rest, which give us a beautiful spring.

  • Hmm, positives… my cat barfed on the hardwood floor instead of the carpet this morning. Can’t beat that!

  • LOL damaged, I was not so lucky. Resolve is my friend.

  • Herb, that would be tons of fun but I’m afraid I have prior engagements tomorrow that involve lederhosen, brats, kraut, tons of german beer and a bunch of other drunks rocking out to various live bands at the New National Harbor in MD…OKTOBERFEST!!! For anyone interested you can still buy tickets at the gate.

    Oh and I posted this in the forum but there is an Arlington Athletic Social League Party at McFadden’s Oct 4th. I will be guest bartending (this makes me sound like I’m supposed to be some sort of famous or awesome bartender-I am not but it’s what the bar is calling me) so you can come out and grab some beers! It’s $20.00 if you say AASL at the door and you get unlimited miller/coors lite, house wines and rail drinks. 8pm-11pm.

    Also friends, watch out for speed traps! Its the end of the month and yours truly was caught speeding away on S. Dakota right off 50 E. (I did not think I was speeding as I thought the limit was 40mph but such is life)

    And I totally agree, PoP has the best blog ever!

  • ok, my minor gripe of the day is that the Sidney on the Avenue banner at the top of this site totally messes up the top of the page on Firefox. So if I want to actually see the title of the first post, i have to look at it in Internet Explorer…

  • Prince Of Petworth

    Yikes, please email me if you ever have problems with the site. Do other folks encounter this problem on Firefox?

  • With internet explorer it pushes your yellow and green lines over to the right a little off center with the rest of the site. It doesn’t sound as bad as PetworthRes experiences with Firefox

  • Love the blog
    I deeply appreciate the DPW too – they responded to “illegal dumping” reports within 48 h and cleared the entire end of our alley of debris.

    Rant: I have this non-English speaking neighbor who is leaving his car in the alley overnight and blocking traffic. Car has Maryland plates. I have repeatedly asked him to park in his yard or on the street. I also had another neighbor discuss it with him and explain that he won’t be towed for night-time parking. I’m so fed up with him. I want to call the police, but I don’t want to abuse their services.

  • I think Morgan’s Seafood and the proprietor Romeo are awesome. I love the fact I can walk down the street pick up a whole red snapper and throw it on the grill. I have yet to eat the fish heads despite Romeo’s insistence. I’m just not there yet.

  • Positive Rant – I’m looking forward to a fun filled weekend of birthday parties, rugby, and kayaking intermitantly sprinkled with inebriation scattered hilarity.

    Negative Rant – The lousy economy has me working every spare moment of this weekend to save the jobs of a bunch of people who make a great deal more than I (with very little financial/social/or any other incentive on my end) when I could be napping away the previous day’s shenanigans.

  • Am staving off the stress of the day, and accumulated stress of the week, by looking forward to our group tour of the Lincoln Cottage Summer home tomorrow!

  • Flipflopirate forgot to mention that he made cider for this weekend’s apple party, yaaaaaay!

  • flipflipirate is the best. can I be your friend? hahaha

  • damaged_in_DC, your comment made me LOL, thanks 🙂
    I’m happy that I don’t have to go into work this weekend!
    I can’t remember if it’s been mentioned, but I’m looking forward to checking out the Mt.P festival on Sunday: http://www.fiestadc.org/

  • Haha thanks nutmeg, I did indeed make a very special batch of backwoods Virginia hard-cider for our Shepherd St. Autumn Apple Shindig… and of course I’ll be your friend thegoodinlife, you can never have too many comrades.

  • damaged and AlphaTango I count it a good day – mine refrained alltogether and its Friday!

  • crafty bastards is sunday. that’s good.

  • Anyone planning on going out to watch the debate tonight? Suggestions for a good spot?

  • The people who work at the post office down georgia ave are actually really nice, despite the fact that they work behind a giant glass barrier like it was a liquor store rather than a post office.

  • Hola, yo soy el vecino que no habla inglés!!! Ajajajjajajajajajajaja

    El Puma

  • Hey BOGFROG, me parece totalmente innecesario que digas que la persona, tu vecino, no habla inglés, ¿cuál es tu punto? ¿qué quieres decir? Tolerancia señores y señoras, hay que ser tolerantes.

    El Puma

  • *Test* weird… my spanish post didn’t make it through.

  • saf

    Hm, FFP, you’re a homebrewer? We’ve been trying to make a good hard cider, and have not had a ton of luck. Thoughts, recipes?

  • i drive a motorcycle.

    my rant is: VA and MD drivers! don’t they know that you can legally go “right on red”?

    they just sit there. even if there is no oncoming traffic.

    shouldn’t the burbs be educated in DC traffic laws?

    i think so.

    i pay the taxes for the roads they drive on….

  • Whoa! Flipflopirate, I just realized who you were and we are facebook friends?! Crazy small world!

  • saf

    OK FFP, email away. Homebrewers unite!

  • right on, poo poo.

  • Puma, obviously this neighbor doesn’t understand English or cannot read parking signs. Who knows, maybe he just can’t read at all. He is immune to reasoning about why leaving the car where it blocks traffic in the alley is not ok. People who don’t have local tags and zone parking can park in the street at night/weekends and won’t be towed, or can park in their own driveways, no problem.

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