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Sometimes, I don’t understand “art”…

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  • Maybe that is because you sometimes confuse art with Criminal Graffiti

  • Let me help you understand–this is not art.

  • Just a scary reminder of what happens when you don’t wipe from front to back!

  • kalia that’s nasty!

    and pop – no way in sam’s hell is that art!

  • i hate you kalia


  • It’s the new “Abstinence Only” campaign.

  • Did Kalia really just say that out loud???

  • Kalia – words to live by.

    Next weeks installation:


  • Kalia, that was hilarious!

  • Well, it’s PSA-value aside, i think it can be defended as art. maybe i’m reaching, but something like this basically jolts the viewer from out of daily humdrum and situates the context of their life experience. Walking around the streets with your gap shirt, iPod, sunglasses, and ego, see something like this might make you wonder “Crotch Rot? what’s that about, why was it there, what does it mean? That’s so out of place – what is this place about?” In a city as stodgy as DC, this type of stuff def has a role. But if you’re not down, it just seems sophomoric.

  • I prefer Fire Crotch, thank you.

    Kalia, you rule!!!

  • Oregonian – it certainly can be defended on those grounds; the problem is that so many artists appoint themselves as the designated shockers of the squares that much of art is reduced to this single simplistic artistic gesture, and no one bothers to move beyond it, as they see their function of shocking as sufficient to qualify as an artistic act. Is It Art? Sure, fine, whatever, just leave me alone – I have enough stupidity in my life.

  • Oreg – I should make clear, the stupidity I was referring to is the content of the flyer, not your comment.

  • Oregonian: I am using your rationale as an excuse to defecate in the middle of the street. I am indeed jolting!

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