PoP Overhears

H Street, NE around 8pm on Friday night.

Gentleman in his 30s: “How you ladies doing tonight?”

Ladies: “Fine”.

Gentleman: “I know you’re FINE, I’m asking how ya doing?”


On other H Street news, I had the opportunity to check out the Atlas theater for the first time. It is an incredible building. I highly recommend checking it out. I caught a production of 1984 and it only cost 10 bucks.

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  • I wonder how that tired line ended up working out for that gentleman.

  • How was 1984, I want to go see it, was it good?

  • Sorry POP, I usually agree with everything you say, but this sort of exchange happens DAILY for many women, and it is far from awesome. Why should we be forced to engage in conversation with someone we don’t know? These ladies politely responded to his random-ass question on the street, which is already more than they were required to do while minding their own business on H Street. Because he felt like he deserved more attention from them, he decided to make it smarmy by commenting on their looks in order to provoke a reaction. Not cool. This is the kind of thing that makes walking down the street a daily exercise in avoidance for many of us.

  • yeah pop, then what happened?

  • PoP, I have to agree with Anonymous @ 11:55… nothing about street harassment is “awesome.”

  • Prince Of Petworth

    I hear what you are all saying. I am very sensitive to street harrassment. I have a friend who is plagued by it over by the Home Depot and it makes me furious. I was here for this one. And believe it or not it was very innocent. I’m sure maybe that line has been used in street harrasment before but in this particular incident it seemed rather innocous to me. However, point taken.

  • Oh, you know, I was assuming that this was happening in a bar or something, where the women were more or less receptive to being approached.

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