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DSCN2604, originally uploaded by Prince of Petworth.

From Dave:

“From the creators of The Wire…
Beloved character Bubbles heads down to DC to start his own taxicab business.”

Honorable mention to Odentex who continues to crack me up:

“Capitalizing on the alternative fuel zeitgeist, Professor James “Dude” McCracken presents a car that runs on pizza crust and bong water.

The prof says “don’t let gas prices harsh your buzz, bro.”

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  • Both captions are so funny but especially love the mention of Bubbles and The Wire, which I just watched in its entirety on rented DVDs. For a DC girl, it gave me a new love of Baltimore.

  • I think Odentex’s caption knocks the winner out of the ballpark personally, but thats just my humble opinion.

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