Opera in the Outfield:A FREE Live Simulcast of Verdi’s La Traviata at Nationals Park


Join Washington National Opera for the 2008-2009 Season Opening with a FREE live simulcast of Marta Domingo’s production of La Traviata featuring Elizabeth Futral. Saturday, September 13, 2008, 7:00 p.m at Nationals Park. Sounds awesome!

Find more information here.

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  • This is very timely, since I tried to give premium Nats Tickets to somebody who referred a friend for business and he said to call him when I get some Opera tickets. I just sent him the link for this 🙂

  • The National Opera also has a special performance every year for those 35 and younger with tickets costing $15 each (it’s at the beginning of October, I think, I need to order my tickets!) If you go to http://www.dc-opera.org/experience/generationo/ and sign up for the email list I think they’ll send you the code to use when ordering tickets. I saw Don Giovanni this way last year and it was really, really, good.

  • Anyone know whether they let you bring food in? It would be nice to have a picnic dinner. From the website it seems like you can, just no bottles, no coolers, etc.

  • saf

    labgirl – the stadium’s regulations are that food is fine, but the only drinks you can bring in are water (1 litre per person, in unopened plastic bottles) and juice boxes.

  • Thank you saf. Juice boxes…how junior high. Maybe a perfect excuse to drink Hi-C again, if they still sell that stuff.

  • What’s the rule on juice-box wine? You know, wine in juice box containers? I’m (mostly) kidding.

  • Hmmm….I ordered five VIP tickets (free) via the Opera in the Outfield Website on 9/3) and have not received them. They were supposed to be emailed by 9/12. Anyone received theirs? (They are not in my junk folder either).

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