One Step Closer To My Dream

Super cool. Learn how to make your own terrarium. Anyone who volunteers to make me one will gain a friend for life…

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  • I don’t know if they will volunteer to make you one, but perhaps if you give them some free advertising space 🙂
    These guys originally worked out of Baltimore, and they might still have some folks in the area who design these…truly amazing terrariums; inspiration at the least.

  • One step closer to your dream? What’s your dream? Having a garen?

  • I had a terrarium like that when I was a kid. I caught one of those teeny dime-sized toads, and kept a little scrap of peach or banana in the terrarium to attract fruit flies for him to eat. I used to spend hours (well, maybe AN hour) peering through the glass from every angle, looking for the toad and practically peeing myself with glee on the few occasions I saw him catch a bug. Good times. Can you image today’s kids doing that? *grumble grumble get off my lawn grumble*

  • We made terrariums in third grade, but they were nowhere near fancy as the one you have pictured.

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