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  • It depends on whether you need the fence or whether your worry is aesthetic. I had an open backyard that one fine neighbor used as a toilet for himself and his dog, and I’d get all sorts of garbage tossed in there, any things (bike, lawn tools, bbq) would get stolen out of there. So, a fence enclosing it was a priority for me. On the other hand, my front steps / porch still look pretty bad, and since many of my neighbors are smugly retired and devoted to lawn care, I definitely feel like the shabby house on the block.

    Still, I love my back fence and tell it so quite often. And it hasn’t been graffiti’d yet, huzzah! (famous last words, hope that’s not a jinx, knock on wood)

  • I dig the stained glass, its a very unique touch to an otherwise drab fence, perhaps they could add a similarly colored (or contrasting stained) lattice (spaced every two feet) with ivy or creeper (or beans for that matter) to fill in some of the blank space.

  • Indeed, it depends. Front of house is priority if you are looking to soon be ready to sell as it allows lots of people to pass by and think “what a nice house” so when it does go up, they are already aware of it. However, if all you do is walk up your front steps and aren’t looking to sell anytime soon, than it probably wont make you that amazed.

  • Has anyone built a fence in their backyard? Any tips? How did you estimate lumber needs?

  • Built mine, well rather installed mine. I just used 10ft 4×4’s for posts and then the preasembled 6ft tall by 8ft wide stock wooden fencing. Damn digging 30 post holes with a manual post hole digger (each one 3.5ft deep had me sore as all hell, in shape, but damn sore…

  • I used a contractor, but it seems pretty straightforward. There’s a standard distance between posts, and then its just basic math for estimating the rest of the lumber… How hard could it be? What could possibly go wrong? 😉

  • We did both, but the back yard is the most rewarding. We have privacy to cook out, play with the dog and not have the neighbors parking there when the street is full. We did the front of the house (i.e. steps, stone wall, etc.) this summer and it looks great; I can’t wait to plant next spring. Any suggestions for fall planting besides mums and cabbage?

  • Prince Of Petworth

    Drewlove can you send me photos of the work you’ve had done?

  • youdontknowme – what is the standard spacing between posts. I think I will rent me a gasoline post hole digger.

  • Not sure the spacing, I can measure tonight. I think its eight feet….

  • Yep, 8ft sections, so you want your posts just inside of that so that both edges catch each post. I suggest using two 8ft 2×1’s or 2×2’s that you can use to nail off between each post before you firmly set each post. Nothing worse than setting all your posts and finding out that one or two are just an inch too wide and therefore have to be dug up.

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