Nice Drain Basin

DSCN2588, originally uploaded by Prince of Petworth.

Never thought I’d write a title like that, but it’s true yeah?

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  • It is, and I’ve totally walked by it, care to remind us where it is?

  • Very pretty. I wonder how you do something like that? Do you have to first chip away the concrete around your drain? I’m going to send this to my more handy friends and see what they say.

  • You could jackhammer out the concrete or possibly just add a new layer on top of the existing concrete, and extend the drain by an inch or two upwards. The colored bits are just shattered tile embedded in the concrete. Note, speaking from experience, shattered tile can be extremely sharp!

  • Prince Of Petworth

    U Street next to Saloon.

  • Well yes that would make sense considering I walk by there every day. Funny how sometimes you see something out of context and can’t place it.

  • It might look good, but does it actually drain is the question…..!

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