New Restaurant on Upshur Street: Ainsworth & Alexander

A&A, originally uploaded by Prince of Petworth.

Thanks to a reader for sending, sounds very promising:

“I was walking my dogs this evening and for the first time in a long while decided to walk up Upshur towards Soldiers Home. I found this place Ainsworth & Alexander at 221 Upshur St.. You can see from the picture (sorry, cell phone pic while trying to hold 2 dog leashes) that it’s kind of bare bones inside. I took the pic meaning to send to you to see if you’d heard of this place and a man came out to ask if I needed anything. I told him I just wanted to tell a friend or two about the place and he offered me a few carry-out menus. His name was Grant and seemed really nice. He told me they had just opened up 5 weeks ago and that things were going well so far. They plan on offering WiFi service in the near future and adding more furniture. Menu looks decent.. Chicken and Waffles, Wraps, Salads, Sandwiches, Mac-n-Cheese, etc. They even have desserts! Perhaps if they were open later I’d walk down the block for a piece of cake after dinner at El Limeno. Also, it’s a bit late for them to set up now, but in the Spring they have a nice little patch of sidewalk out front where they could set up a few outdoor tables for dining.

Their hours are posted as 7:30 AM to 7:00 PM Tues- Fri, and 8:30AM to 4PM Sat. Phone number is 202-541-9501”

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  • Looks awesome, but man, they need to add some hours. 7 pm isn’t even late enough to grab dinner. needs to be 10 pm.

  • Did that place take the Duke’s Seafood City spot? I know Duke’s, on that block, was for sale.

    Also, and I think this pre-dates PoP, but whatever happened to the bakery that was going to open at 225 Upshur? I want to say the owner was named Rubotzky, or something like that. I guess it never happened…that particular unit is a nice place for some sort of business.

  • Yep, Rubotzky is the name. He emailed me back in 2005 to say he was opening a bakery and was curious about when President Lincoln’s Cottage was opening to the public (to gauge foot traffic). He said it’d probably be open before we completed the restoration, but we opened in early ’08 and I haven’t seen a bakery on Upshur yet. Sure would be nice to have a bakery so close. I’ll definitely have to check out this A&A place.

  • I have actually eaten there on several occasions and the food is Great. I’ve had the chicken and waffles as well as the steak and cheese fajita (One of The Best By sandwiches i’ve had in a while.) The staff is real friendly and They are all family. (Good to see that.) The prices are very reasonable and they have a great selection of homemade drinks. (The Pina Colda Lemonade is What I recommend.) I encourage everybody to stop through and try some some of there great food. Oh by the way I just left there tonight and I had there soul food special. There mac-n-cheese is Wonderful.

  • Hey all, I’ve visited this place and I might say the food is delicious…especially the desserts. The pineapple upside down cheesecake is TO DIE FOR but good luck getting it. It seems as though as soon as Mack (one of the owners) makes it it flies right out of the cooler! LOL! I LOVE the Steak and Cheese Fajita with homemade tortilla chips (well my whole family loves them). The Chicken and Waffles is good too ESPECIALLY the waffles! Their Carribean Jerk Pasta salad (which contains grilled chicken and shrimp is UMM UMM GOOD).

    I’ve had breakfast there just so I could have feel for the menu and I wasn’t disappointed with the breakfast either.

    As for the drinks my favorite by far is the Peach lemonade. They also have Pina Colada Lemonade, Strawberry Lemonade, Half & Half (tea/lemonade mix), Peach tea, and Pomegranate Lemonade.

    I know they are all family and I know they’ve been catering for years and this is their first store (with many more to come hopefully). I’m really glad they joined the neighborhood! Go check them out I’m sure you won’t be disappointed.

  • Today, I heard in honor of Election Day they are opening later for their customers who want to go vote. I think they will be open from 12:30 pm til 8:00pm. What a GREAT idea!!! With the media predicting the lines at the polls will be long; I’ll be hungry and glad that I can still go to my new favorite eatery to get my coffee, waffles, egg & bacon or cheese grits. I’m getting hungry just thinking about it. Join me there after you…
    GO VOTE!

  • Yes, it’s true. I was there Friday afternoon and one of the guys behind the counter told me about their plans for election day. It was my fist time going in although I pass it everyday when I get off the bus. I had the chicken wings with the J sauce and a side order of sweet potato fries. I’ve been thinking about those sweet potato fries all weekend. I also puchased one of their lemonade drinks. I saw a customer come in and get 4 so I had to try it for myself. It was so good I finished it before leaving. This morning I got up early to go to the polls anticipating that the lines might be longer than usual. I’m really glad I did. The line grew very fast but, I was in the first group to enter and vote. I’m glad they will be open longer tonight after I get off work. Welcome to the neighborhood.

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