New Restaurant, Fusion, Coming to Georgia Ave.

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I had been tipped a few weeks ago that a new bar was coming to Georgia Ave. right near Moroni & Bros. pizza, but I had forgot all about it until I received an email last night inquiring about this space. I wasn’t able to speak to the owner but I asked some folks what the story was, so consider the following scuttlebutt. I’m told the space will be a bar and restaurant. The food may possibly be Indian but that is speculation. More speculation is that the space will open up soon, perhaps in mid-November. More to come as details emerge. Unless anyone knows some more details?


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  • Mmmm Nom Nom Nom-Tandoori-Nom, I would sell you all into white slavery (or whatever color your choose) for a decent Indian restaurant in the hood.

  • i don’t really make it up to north country – but if they deliver then i would be super excited!

  • Three words…. Chicken Tikka Masala!

  • Community Center!

  • Or maybe its fusion kitchen? Just a wild guess… 🙂

  • dear lord, i will weep with joy if i can get a lamb saag in my own neighborhood. i hereby swear to eat there 3 times a month at least if it’s a good curry house.

  • Make it NOPE again and again!

  • Looking forward for the opening.

  • Hi my name is Barry, i am the owner of fusion and i just want to let you all know that i am planning to open in december, before the 15th,it will be a family friendly restaurant and a bar with full service also white linen and a cozy atmosphere,it is a 50 seater include 6 bar stools,catering will be available as well as to go.The menu will consist of Indian flavors and American dishes,Entree at $18 and below,appt at $8 and below and desserts at $7 and under,I thank you all for your support in advance.Barry.

  • I had a look inside and it looks very nice,i can”t wait .

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