New Hotel To Open In Adams Morgan? by John

Church or Hotel

John was a bit prolific last week as he was fully rested from a holiday overseas. Below, he tells us a bit about the plans for a proposed new hotel in Adams Morgan.

Without wishing to re-ignite the debate over gentrification, Euclid Street between Columbia and 16th perfectly encapsulates the socio/economic/demographic changes occurring in DC.

A brand new Harris Teeter grocery store and upscale condominiums have opened on blocks where violent crime is a serious concern.

All this makes a rumor that a boutique hotel is slated to open in the vicinity all the more intriguing.

According to reports from Hotel Chatter and the Washington Business Journal, the First Church of Christ, Scientist, at Euclid and Champlain streets NW will be converted into a 150 room “Edition” hotel – a Marriott brand.

According to the development plans, the Euclid Street entrance will become a lobby leading to hotel’s grand ballroom (currently the church’s second-floor sanctuary.) The sanctuary’s balcony will become another gathering spot, and a 9,000-square-foot space on the first floor will become a restaurant and bar.

The guest rooms, pool and other amenities will be built on a parking lot behind the church and on property that houses the Washington City Paper.

Whether or not this plan ever comes to fruition, it is interesting to consider how much demand there would be for a hotel at that location, and the impact of such a hotel on the neighborhood as a whole.

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  • this would be a good use of the church for sale on 16th street between Mount p and columbia heights as well

  • this would be a good use of the church for sale on 16th street between Mount p and columbia heights as well

  • It’s good for the City’s tax base. We’ll a non-taxing paying entity converted into a cash cow. Hotels generated great tax revenue, they pay property taxes, sales tax, and room taxes.

  • who needs churches? our cathedrals are shopping malls.. or anywhere the gospel of
    things is espoused… what is god’s credit rating anyway? (sigh)

  • Last time I looked there was no shortage of Churches in the city. Just because one, whose members have long gone, is converted to a new use doesn’t mean you have to get your panties in a bunch.

  • I think this project is a great use of the Church. As a resident of the neighborhood, I would like to see more classy establishments in the area, versus the frat-like, underaged filled bars of 18th Street. That said, Adams Morgan could use some diversity of uses other than just liquor establishments, so it will be great to have a new use – a hotel in the neighborhood. I’m sure it will be a great overflow hotel for conventions taking place in Woodley Park’s hotels.

  • A hotel would be good, as the current facility, a church is for sale. Hotels create jobs, especially for semi-skilled workers, like hotel maids, banquet wait staff, etc. If you have company coming and they don’t want to stay with you, a nearby hotel would be good.

  • This certainly isn’t new news (how long of a vacation was “John” on)? The developer will once again be at the ANC meeting Wednesday night (7 p.m. at Mary’s Center) to discuss the latest developments (no pun intended) of the project and his upcoming presentation before HPRB.

    And don’t worry, the FCCS are the ones selling their building (they are not being forced into this sale) at quite a heavty profit.

  • I dont wear panties, Col Heights (aka rude prick!)

  • Not to mention some of us are atheists and don’t give a damn. Just because you don’t go to church doesn’t mean you’re a valueless consumerist. (Indeed, most atheists I know care deeply about their fellow humans, whereas some of the most “religious” people I know are heartless jerks who only care about making a buck.)

  • Prince Of Petworth

    Man, people are a little grumpy today. After summer blues? Look, to some people this is news to others it is old news. No worries.

  • And the Disneyfication of Adams Morgan begins….

    Having that said, it looks like a serious FAIL to me. The location is nowhere near a metro, and a LONG way from downtown, and Adams Morgan isn’t a family-friendly tourist destination. Not to mention the severe lack of parking and the crowds and traffic on Friday and Saturday nights.

  • Stone,

    The hotel location is less than a mile away from both the Woodley and Columbia Heights Metro stops. Also, someone who stays “boutique hotel” in DC and needs to get downtown for business would probably be alright with taking a cab. Just saying.

  • That metro question is intriguing. I always take cabs exclusively on business trips because, a) they’re reimbursed and b) they get me from door to door saving valuable walking time. I’d LOVE to see their private security folks at that house on 17th and Euclid.

  • poster “adams morgan” seems to have it out for contributer “John”. wonder what the story is there

  • Sorry to burst your bubble Anon but I don’t have it out for poster “John”, I’m just pointing out that he’s a bit behind with his “news” of the neighborhood that’s all.

  • I wonder how the Christian Science Reading Room on the corner of Euclid and Columbia Rd. is going to survive the loss of their best clients.

  • The church owns the reading room and currently holds services for it’s remaining members in the reading room building (I think there are about 30 members of the congregation left). That will continue once the church is finally sold.

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