New Condos at 1513 11th Street


Looks like a fairly standard building. But what I’m curious about are the two condos that have private entrances. Is that more appealing? They’re both on the first floor of course. Would you rather have a private entrance on the first floor or a standard condo on a higher floor?


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  • would only want my own entrance if im allowed to sit on it and grill on it. otherwise hell nah. get me off the street

  • I find, in working with buyers, that most people don’t seem to want to be at street level because of privacy and security issues. I could understand a private entrace if there was a terrace there, but in this case, it’d seem to make more sense to have th entry from the building.

    I’m surprised they called it “The Providence” since there is already a “Providence” condo building on Rhode Island Ave.

    I did just list a unit in “The Lafayette” though…not the ginormous Lafayette that pairs with The Clara Barton, but the one that is on the National Register of Historic Places. You’d think there’d be some awareness of duplicate registered condo names, like there are for corporations.

  • Depending on location of the building and the depth of the doorway – your front door could become a temporary stopping spot during the rain, a temporary home for homeless people, a temporary not-tell-motel, a temporary place for quick business, a temporary bathroom, or a combo of any/all above – no. At least with the other that door doesn’t open to your living room.

  • Big time, I’d rather be on a higher floor.

  • I wouldn’t be paranoid about it, but I’s much prefer being higher. Less noise, better view.

  • @ET: I live in a condo in CH and we have a small “nook” that has become all of the above: a temporary place to take shelter from the rain, a temporary homeless shelter, a bathroom (#1 & #2, thank you), a temporary no-tell motel as evidences by the used condoms and wrappers (hey at least they’re being safe, right?) and a secluded place to shoot up. Yeah, I would avoid anything on the street and any place for someone to use as they wish.

  • To be honest, I don’t see why the ground floor isn’t retail. Pretty shortsighted to me…

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