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  • This is interesting given what happened with Mayorga.

  • Interesting, indeed.

  • I don’t think that the closing of Mayorga suggests or means that another coffee shop can’t be successful on 14th St. The issue with Mayorga was always the specific space and the challenge of running a combination coffee shop/restaurant. It’s pretty hard to promote yourself as a restaurant and bring business in from outside the neighborhood when you’re branded with the name of a well-known coffee shop chain, and with the rents that corner spot commands, I don’t think it’s possible to succeed there without drawing substantial business from outside the neighborhood.

    I’m willing to bet that the rent on this space is a lot lower than the corner spot in the Tivoli, and I think it’s entirely likely that a well-executed coffee shop will do well there.

  • Story on the departure of Gaines & Brown?

  • Down in Logan Circle, another coffee shop is preparing to open:


    After a weekend in Philly where everywhere I turned stood an enticing indie coffee shop, I’m all for more coffee shops that aren’t of the Starbucks or Caribou varieties.

  • So, I don’t know Spanish, but extending from my knowledge of French – does “Pan Lourdes” mean heavy bread? Or is that somehow referring to the Catholic holy place?

  • Hey that’s exactly the picture I took on my cell phone but never got around to sending to you, PoP! 🙂

    Agree, I think this place has a much higher change of succeeding than Mayorga given the much cheaper space and a bit more niche focus.

  • Hooray! We definitely can use a coffee shop on 14th. I hope people will wander that far north and visit it.

  • Lau,

    I was reading Lourdes as a woman’s first name.

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